DIY Microsoft Outlook Data File Management Software

Summary: MS Outlook is one of the most user-friendly and flexible email clients used by millions of people and organizations, however its performance is often marred by technical issues like configuration errors, syncing problems, large sized PST files, PST/OST corruption, etc. Thus, users face the need to manage MS Outlook mailboxes by using a reliable automated application. Stellar Toolkit for Outlook presents itself as the ultimate solution for Microsoft Outlook data file management.

When you become comfortable using a tool for years, bearing with its minor issues seems easier that switching over to another one. That’s probably the reason why so many Outlook users choose to continue with it, despite its shortcomings; that and the fact that Outlook is indeed the best email client out there on so many levels.

However, its ease-of-use, rich feature set, security, and flexibility don’t stop it from getting tangled up in messy errors. Many Outlook issues are posted and discussed on online forums. Let’s discuss few of those errors faced by Outlook users.

Dealing with Microsoft Outlook issues

Microsoft Outlook can face endless problems with time:

  • The PST file storing all inbox items can grow beyond its specified size limit and become corrupted
  • Outlook can face synchronization and configuration issues
  • The user profile can get accidentally deleted
  • Other unexpected cryptic errors

One of the best ways to deal with frequent Outlook errors is enabled with having a reliable and competent Outlook management tool such as Stellar Toolkit for Outlook.

Stellar Toolkit for Outlook – The ultimate tool for Microsoft Outlook data file management

Stellar Toolkit for Outlook has proven to be the one-stop solution for all Outlook Data file problems on so many levels. Users, experts, as well as tech-forums claim that this is one of the best tools currently available for data file management in Outlook 2013 and other Microsoft Outlook versions.

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When we talk about Outlook data files, PST and OST files are what we’re focusing on. These data files are essential for smooth functioning of Outlook since they store all mailbox items like emails, notes, calendar entries, contacts, etc. If these files are healthy and keep functioning normally, Outlook keeps running without glitches. If these files become damaged or corrupted due to reasons like bloated size, virus infection, etc. it can lead to several errors in MS Outlook.

It is in such cases that Stellar Toolkit for Outlook shines out. This automated software exceeds the expectations of users by performing multiple task within one software much better than Microsoft’s Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) and any other manual methods. The cases wherein the Inbox Repair Tool fails to repair severe corruption in Outlook PST files, Stellar Repair for Outlook module of this toolkit uses advanced algorithms to fix these corruptions and restore the data to a new usable PST.

Key highlights of the tool are:

  • Repairs simple as well as encrypted PST files ridding them of severe corruption issues
  • Convert single as well as multiple OST files into PST
  • Split and Compact large PST file
  • Merge and Join multiple PSTs
  • Recover deleted emails from Outlook OST and PST
  • Removes Duplicates from Microsoft Outlook
  • Recovers Password of encrypted and password protected PST file

In addition to these features, the software is compatible with almost all Microsoft Outlook versions including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. It comes equipped with a fully interactive GUI, which makes its operation super easy with minimal system requirements.

To conclude

Microsoft Outlook is the best email client out there, but still, it faces technical issues from time to time. ‘How to resolving such Outlook issues’ is something every user should be familiar with. While the Inbox Repair Tool may work in some situations, it often falls short in many error cases. In such circumstances, Stellar Toolkit for Outlook proves its worth by eliminating the problem with Outlook OST and PST files. It is without a doubt the best tool for data file management in Outlook 2013 and all other Microsoft Outlook versions.

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