New Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 – Addresses & Repairs your Mac Disk Issues

Author’s Note:

Stellar Volume Repair software is discontinued.

If you want to perform data recovery on Corrupt APFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT or ex-FAT hard drive then try the latest version of Stellar Data Recovery Technician for Mac.

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Mac hard drive Recovery

A week after the launch of Stellar Mac Data Recovery – Professional, Stellar Data Recovery, now introduced Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 to meet Mac Users immediate disk repair needs.

Known for incorporating cutting-edge technologies and providing its customers with top-of-the-line products and services, Stellar Data Recovery again does something special for its Mac users. With the launch of Stellar Volume Repair 3.0, it provides a better & safe Mac hard drive repair and optimization application.

Carrying the momentum forward, Stellar continues to drastically change every nuance of Mac disk issues and related data losses. Along similar lines, Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 software ensures quality and great user experience throughout the disk repair process.

Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 – Best Way to Fix Damaged MacOS Directory

Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 is designed to repair corrupt MacOS directory structure. Whether the directory is inaccessible or damaged, Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 creates a new directory and replaces it with the damaged one safely. Furthermore, it scans and checks entire volume, Journaled files, extents overflow file, multi-linked files, volume information, catalog file, attribute files, volume bitmap and fixes HFS disk issues.

Mac hard drive recovery

What is HFS Directory Corruption?

On Mac, Directories are hierarchical file systems that contain information about the location, type, size of the files and folders, reference to other files etc. When this information is modified, the same is reflected in the directories. However, if the directory doesn’t get updated or gets updated inaccurately, then it becomes a corrupt and useless directory. Such a corrupt directory structure is reported through Disk Utility when the user launches First-Aid.

Moreover, reasons such as unexpected power failure or a sudden system shutdown hinder the updating process and as a result, the directory gets damaged. Don’t Fret, with Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 in your arsenal; you can easily rebuild a damaged MacOS directory.

The Unique selling proposition of Stellar Volume Repair is its simplicity. Its features have been well designed so that you can easily repair the damaged Mac hard drive.

Three key features have been embedded into the main interface namely – ‘Select Volume to Repair’, ‘Disk Permissions’, and ‘Volume Journaling’. In addition to the uniqueness of the features, the software not only repairs damaged volumes but verifies and protect the integrity of the volumes on the hard drive. It checks and verifies whether the file attributes are structured properly. Furthermore, you can create a bootable USB in case macOS requires repairing. Read Stellar Volume Repair Key Features.

Stellar Volume Repair 3.0

When everything fails, Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 is your last resort. The software is capable of repairing the logically damaged drive irrespective of the complexity. Further, it comes handy when:

  • Disk Utility fails to repair your severely corrupt Media.
  • Terminal command lines couldn’t get your drive back to work.
  • It fixes Invalid B-tree node size, Invalid record count, Invalid node structure, Invalid key length, Invalid extent entry, Invalid directory item count, Invalid extent entry, Invalid index key along with other Mac disk errors

Over and Above

With simple, easy to use interface, and its striking features, Stellar Volume Repair 3.0 is indeed the perfect choice to repair corrupt Mac disk drives. Additionally, the software supports fixing a variety of HFS based External USB Drives, SSDs, Pen Drives etc.

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