Points to Consider Before Moving any GroupWise Mailboxes

Summary: Migrating user mailboxes from a source system to a destination is a complex task involving many carefully planned out and executed phases. Among the initial steps come the things user must know before starting the migration. In this post, we are covering the things to do before moving GroupWise mailboxes from a source system to a destination without disturbing the end users.

GroupWise is used for messaging and collaborative platforms that keep users on track with their daily work with its email, calendaring, personal information, document management, and instant messaging support. Compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms, GroupWise assists employees to work without location constraints. However, many times, users face the need to perform a GroupWise migration to another system or another email client because of several reasons.

While the migration itself is a complex task to complete, there are a lot of things that must be done to a system before it can start.

System Changes required before moving GroupWise mailboxes

Generally, when you move a GroupWise account, the user mailbox is also moved physically. To ensure the success of moving any GroupWise mailbox in your account, here are the things you must do to the system before performing the move.

  1. Setting of System Address Book by Nickname Creation

Though the address books of users should be updated instantly when a change occurs, users generally don’t refresh their address books manually immediately. Only when an address book is refreshed, the changes will be visible. For this reason, it is important to create a nickname before moving the mailbox.

To auto create nicknames these steps have to be followed:

  1. Go to GroupWise System Operations
  2. Click on System Preferences -> Nickname Settings
  3. Click on Auto create on User move -> Enable -> Always

Please note that this change is valid only for 28 days.

  1. Decide which move technique to use

GroupWise can be moved in one of two ways:

  • Live move

If you use ‘Live move’, a TCP/IP connection between POAs is used. Considering that this is “live”, it is approximately 5 to 10 times faster than a file transfer move. You have to make sure that your TCP/IP connection between the POAs functions efficiently and that there are enough threads allocated to the moves. If the move is made during off hours, then make sure the POAs are optimized.

To do this:

  1. Go to GroupWise Admin Console -> POA Object
  2. Under the Agent Settings Tab set Max Thread Usage for Priming and Moves to 80%
  3. Repeat the same process and set TCP Handler Threads to the value 40.

The purpose of this allocation is to optimize the thread usage rather than dedicating it to user traffic.

  • File transfer move

If you choose ‘File transfer move’, POAs and MTAs are used to transfer the message files. What makes this kind of move more advantageous than live move is that when you move a user across the WAN link, a file transfer is anyways required which is already covered in this move type.

Make sure the MTAs of source and destination are running. Also, check if the links between POAs and MTAs are kept open.

  1. Ensure that system communication is in sync

Before starting, it has to be made sure that the POAs of both the source and destination are kept running. This can be done by looking at the POA screen when you press F10 and click the Configuration Options. Another way of checking is by looking at the POA webpage.

  1. Clear trash

The trash in the mailbox has to empty. Cleaning the inbox is necessary. This will minimize the number of items to be moved.

  1. Creating a backup is important

This will ensure a recovery space in case anything goes wrong. A DB copy can be used to create a backup or as a restore area.

Now that you’ve satisfied the prerequisites, it’s time to put the migration into gear. If you are moving to a more beneficial platform like MS Outlook, you should know the main advantages you will be getting out of the migration.

Benefits of moving GroupWise to Outlook

Outlook and GroupWise belong to two different developer groups. Therefore, they feature different designs, even though they offer the same product. However, it is known that Microsoft Outlook is more beneficial than GroupWise because:

  1. Microsoft Outlook is known to be more user-friendly than GroupWise. It is very easy to learn and a novice can pick up on its methods of usage very fast. GroupWise is a bit more complicated, and a beginner will require a greater deal of technical knowledge to learn this communication platform.
  2. Microsoft Outlook is extremely adaptable, flexible and accessible anywhere on any device. It is very simple to install and configure. In this respect, GroupWise has a major drawback as it is closely attached to its environment. Thus users are not able to access it from just any computer.
  3. Microsoft Outlook has no cost at all as it comes included in the Office package and therefore there is no extra cost involved in installing and running it. Installing and maintaining GroupWise is much costlier.
  4. GroupWise is known to have more shortcomings and complexities in its system which results in constant crashes and companies losing valuable data. Microsoft Outlook is a more efficient and reliable email client.

Once you have decided that you wish to reap the above-mentioned advantages, you can either follow the below mentioned manual procedure for GroupWise migration or use a reliable automated product to convert GroupWise to PST as indicated in the next section.

Manual technique to move GroupWise to Outlook

You can manually move emails with a few clicks of a mouse button in GroupWise as the client provides various mail export options.

  1. Open GroupWise
  2. Click on the inbox and right-click a mail, saving it as an HTML Message in a separate folder.
  3. For several emails, hold in CTRL-key and choose the ones you wish to export.
  4. When done, you can start up Office and import the files into Outlook, going to the selected folder.

This doesn’t sound so difficult but then again, it’s for a single mailbox. Imagine doing this for all your sent emails, drafts and customized folders. The task becomes tedious. That’s why we suggest using an automated tool to perform a batch migration of the entire mailbox. The tool we recommend for the purpose is Stellar Converter for GroupWise and it is widely accepted to be the best and most efficient method of performing GroupWise migration.


If it’s only a few emails that one wishes to migrate to another platform and you have a week to spare, then manually moving the data could save you a few dollars. But as soon as the numbers of mail accounts increase, investing in a GroupWise to PST converter application may be the wisest solution. It will save you so much time, effort and make the process much more convenient and efficient. Among reliable GroupWise Converters, Stellar Converter for GroupWise is the one we recommend for moving GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook in the smoothest possible manner.download

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