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Prevent macOS Catalina Disk from Corruption

Vishal  | Updated on February 8, 2021 | Mac data recovery   | 2 Comments   | 2 min read

Summary: Losing data due to storage drive corruption on the latest macOS Catalina can be vexing, especially if you keep critical data in the Mac storage drive.

Go through this blog to know how to avoid Mac hard drive corruption and recover the lost data. Also, avail the free trial version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.

Prevent macOS Catalina Disk from Corruption



1.    Safely Shut Down Mac

An abrupt shut down of Mac can damage the storage drive instantly, hence always shut down your Mac properly by using Apple menu > Shut Down option. This safe shut down method ensures that all the write operations to the mounted disk are performed correctly. Thus, it prevents file system corruption, which can lead to not booting Mac and complete data inaccessibility. In case your startup disk turns corrupt, use macOS Catalina Recovery Mode to perform recovery.

2.    Prevent External Damages

Protect the storage drive from liquid, dust, heat, moisture, power surge, power outage, or other external forces. This would safeguard your Mac SSD and HDD from malfunction or any other damage that can corrupt the file system and make the drive inaccessible.

3.    Monitor Mac Storage Drive

The best way to prevent Mac storage drive corruption is by frequent monitoring. When you know the health status of the drive, you can take appropriate action quickly to avoid data loss due to bad blocks, drive corruption, or logical errors. Use Disk Utility’s First Aid to fix disk errors and other storage drive issues. If Disk Utility’s First Aid reports drive is failing, then clone your Mac storage drive and replace it with the cloned drive.

4.    Back-Up the Storage Drive

Use native macOS backup app i.e. Time Machine to copy the startup disk. In case your Mac startup disk turns corrupt, you can use Time Machine backup drive to restore macOS and startup disk data.

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Data Recovery Software for macOS Catalina

In case your hard drive has turned corrupt and you can’t access the data, then it is best to use a hard drive recovery software to salvage inaccessible data from the corrupt drive. Such software can access RAW drive, generate scan information, and recover data from the scanned information. Once you recover the inaccessible data from the corrupted storage device, install macOS on the new drive and restore backed up data.

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We hope the article helped you prevent macOS storage drive from corruption. Take proper care of your Mac and protect it from shock, heat, water, and dust. Always shut it down safely. Moreover, back up your Mac by using Time Machine to ensure smooth data restoration in case of a disastrous event.

Further, you should monitor your drive regularly. And, when you suspect the drive is going to fail, immediately replace the drive with the clone. This timely replacement can guarantees that you won’t lose valuable data due to drive failure.

Incidentally, if you have a corrupted Mac (external) hard drive, leverage a data recovery software for Mac to retrieve inaccessible data.

We recommend using Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac that supports the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.

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