Professional and Advanced Video Editing Tips

Summary: Looking for well-tested professional video editing tips to create captivating and interesting videos? Go ahead and explore professional and advanced video editing tips in this article.

Looking for the well tested professional video editing tips to create captivating and interesting videos?  Go ahead to explore professional video editing tips.

A videographer or cinematographer works on creating movies, short films, wedding shoots, video clips or stills for different brands, channels, travels sites etc. The quick-cut transitions, flash-bulb cuts or freeze frames etc., are all different types of edits and cuts that he or she makes while doing post-production video editing for putting a story together. But professional video editing requires a lot of practice and learning as different portions of a film/clip have distinct requirements.
Here are some professional and advanced video editing tips that ensure creative and technically sound videos.

  1. Choose Your Video Editing Software Wisely

Selecting a right video editing software is like half the battle won. A video editing software is used for the post production video editing on computer and features tools for color correction, sound effects, video effects, animations, trimming, arranging clips, 3D-rendering, keyframes, and much more.  You can make video editing more efficient and enhance your creative side using a good video editing software. There are number of video editing software available online – free and paid. Choose the one which meets your requirement and level of proficiency in video editing. Like beginners can opt for free video editing tools while professional videographers should go for paid versions. Some popular video editing software are listed for you:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows users
  • Final Cut Pro X for Mac user
  • Avid Media Composer for high-end users
  • Shotcut – is an open source and free video editor preferred by YouTube editors
  • Hit Film Express, a free software but carries most of professional grade video editing tools
  • Lightworks, a professional-grade video editing software for Linux users

2. Edit Like a Storyteller

Whether a short clip or a movie, your video editing skills should bring out a smooth flow in the story and trigger an emotion in the viewer. Remember, video editing is much more than simply trimming footage or doing color correction. Make optimum use of video editing tools like Adobe After Effects, wherever required in the video clip. With such tools you can create stunning motion graphics, titles, images stills, visual effects, animations, composting, etc.

3. Use Plugins

Use of plugins is another best way to enhance your videos. If you want to include a certain effect in your movie but the application you are using does not allow it, no need to compromise on the visuals quality. There are number of free and paid video editing plugins available for various video editing applications. Some are Simple Mask (to add a basic mask to select parts of a clip and blend it in with the alpha channel), Luca Visual FX Random Text (to generate random text that can be used in creatively over clips) or Color Fixer Pro (to edit dull and poorly lit video clips) etc.

4. Get Good Audio/Music for Your Video

As David Lynch puts it, ‘Films are 50% visual and 50% sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual,’ never ignore background music or sound effects in your video. It is as important as the visuals for the overall appeal of the video.

You can get music for free online or opt for a creative licensed music if you are editing video for a film, documentary, or festival.

5. No More Video Reshooting Needed

As a professional videographer or cinematographer, who makes good number of video clips, short films, or movies, you may face a situation of video corruption. It can be due to changes in file format, improper system shutdown, file read and write errors, virus attacks, compression issues or even incomplete download.

While it is always not possible to reshoot new video or parts of it, you cannot also afford the loss incurred due to your corrupt video.

In such a scenario, a Video Repair Tool comes as a rescue. Such tools can repair the corrupt videos issues like header damage, frame damage, flickering, sound issue etc.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac


Follow the above Video Editing Tips to make professional and appealing videos. While you check out these, remember the art of video editing is an ongoing learning process. So there is plenty to know and learn more. Do share your feedback and leave a comment below.

Happy editing!

Some Video Editing Lingo to Check Out!

    • Jump Cut: Transition between 2 sequential shots that gives impression of jumping time forward
    • J- Cut: J-cut is when the audio plays before the scene that matches with that audio.
    • L-Cut: In an L-cut the audio from a preceding scene continues to play in the next shot.
    • Montage: Selecting and editing separate shots/clips of a movie in a fast-paced fashion to form a sequence.
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