How to Re-Install macOS Sierra from USB and Recover Deleted Files

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Summary: This blog will guide you on the steps required for reinstalling macOS Sierra.

If macOS Sierra isn't working, then you can go for a clean install or reinstall Sierra. After that, you can restore your data using Time Machine backup if available. In absence of Time Machine backup or any other issues faced with data restoration, leverage an easy-to-use data recovery tool for Mac.

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How to Re-Install macOS Sierra from USB and Recover Deleted Files

What do you need?

  1. A 16 GB or larger USB flash drive
  2. macOS Sierra Installer download version

How to Create a macOS Sierra Boot Install Drive?

Step 1: Connect the USB drive to your Mac

Step 2: Rename it as “SierraBootInstall

Step 3: Go to /Applications/Utilities/ >> Search Terminal and open it

Step 4: Into the Terminal, add the following command syntax

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –volume /Volumes/SierraBootInstall –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –nointeraction &&say Done

Step 5: Double-check it and Confirm >> Hit Return key

Step 6: On request, enter the Admin Password into Terminal

Step 7: Process Progress will take place and will display done on completion.

Step 8: Quit Terminal, when you see this message.

The macOS Sierra installer process is complete. The macOS Sierra USB is ready for use.

Clean Install of macOS Sierra

Clean Install of macOS Sierra erases all data on the startup drive and switches it with a clean OS copy. It is just like giving a fresh start to your Mac with a new macOS. You can opt for fresh installation in scenarios when Mac is experiencing shutdown issues, is crashing, has an unusual startup, or is running slow.

How to Boot with macOS Sierra Installer Drive?

Now, you can boot from any compatible Mac using this bootable installer drive for Mac OS 10.12.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Make a connection between macOS Sierra boot drive and Mac
  2. Attempt Mac Reboot and hold the OPTION key
  3. From the Boot Menu Options, select “Install macOS Sierra

Now, your Mac is booted up from the installer drive. You can either directly install macOS Sierra or can access the old-style utility Menu Options including Disk Utility.

You can now count on your Time Machine Backup and restore your data.

What if your Time Machine Backup has become inaccessible or is Not Updated? Or Worse, You Forgot To Take a Backup? In short, you have No Backup at all!

Don’t worry! The solution is at hand!

Introduction to macOS Sierra Data Recovery Software

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac software is the solution that will help you to recover lost, deleted or inaccessible data with ease. This comprehensive DIY software deals in the secure and accurate recovery of all types of documents, photos, music files, or videos, etc. It’s fully compatible with HFS, HFS+, FAT, exFAT and NTFS format based file systems. With rich features, remarkable functionality, and technically advanced algorithms, this Mac software is the most trusted Data Recovery program round-the-clock.

How does Stellar Data Recovery for Mac work?

Case 1: When You Don’t Have a Backup

Step 1. Download, install and run Stellar Mac Data Recovery
Step 2. Customize your scan and toggle the data type you want to recover
Step 3. Select the hard drive from which you wish to recover the data
Step 4. Click Scan and the software begins scanning process
Step 5. After completion of scanning, preview the files
Step 6. Checkmark all the files you wish to recover and click on Recover
Step 7. Specify the Destination to save the recovered data

Case 2: When Your Time Machine Backup is Inaccessible

Step 1. Run the software
Step 2. Select the Time Machine drive from location interface
Step 3. Scan your Time machine drive
Step 4. Launch Preview of recovered files
Step 5. Click Recover and save the files to the destination

The Mac Data Recovery process is Complete!

To Conclude

Installing the macOS Sierra with a bootable drive is unquestionably best solution for a clean install from scratch. You can do-it-yourself.

Data loss may happen, however;

Recovering Lost, Deleted, or Inaccessible data is not at all a tedious task provided you follow strategic planning and step ahead with right data recovery options like Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.

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All in all, the most reliable anchor for restoring lost, deleted, or inaccessible data with 100% Integrity! Do try it for free.

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