Recover Data from Single Partition Macintosh Hard Drive

You can partition your Mac startup drive to reap some additional benefits i.e. to run two separate operating systems – Windows and macOS. You need to split your startup drive in order to run Windows and macOS High Sierra; however, BootCamp Assistance automatically partitions the startup drive to run two different operating systems. This way you get the best of both worlds. You can even partition Mac startup drive to store system files and user data separately.

Merging Partitions into Single Mac Partition

Suppose your Mac is running slow on disk storage and for that, you decided to remove Windows partition from your Mac to merge all the space used by BootCamp Partition to a single Macintosh HD. You have to simply launch BootCamp Assistant and delete Windows partition. However, it will erase all content of that partition; therefore, take a backup before removing the partition. Besides, you can merge two or more HFS/HFS+ partitions using Disk Utility as well.

Recover Data on Macintosh HD

If you have a backup, restore your files from it. In case, there is no backup, install and run Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac on the existing single partition startup drive and recover all your data.

The software makes recovery process easy because it is equipped with time-saving features, organized and consistent layout and has an intuitive interface to help you bring back your important files and lowers your anxiety. Each feature brings you closer to your files and with unequivocal instructions.

The recovery steps are as follows:

Step i. Download the software, follow the on-screen instructions and launch it


Step ii. On the ‘Select What To Recover’ screen, toggle-on the file type button that you wish to recover and click ‘Next

Step iii. Select ‘Can’t Find Volume’ and click ‘Scan

Step iv. Select the disk to search lost volumes and click ‘Search

Step v. The software searched the lost volume and lists it

Step vi. Select the volume and click ‘Scan

Step vii. The software scans the volume for recoverable files

Step viii. After scanning, all files are listed

Step ix. Preview the files and save them to the desired location

Run Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac on single partitioned Macintosh hard drive and recover your data easily.


With BootCamp Partition, you can run both Windows and macOS on your single Mac and use the features and functionality of both the operating systems. However, when you delete or merge your partition(s) back to a single Macintosh drive, then data loss is likely to follow. In such data loss situation, turn to World’s #1 data recovery software for Mac i.e. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac, an effective and time-saving software, to easily recover data on single partition Macintosh drive.

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