How to Recover Data from a Lenovo Laptop?

Lost your data from Lenovo Laptop and wondering how to recover it? Trust on Stellar Data Recovery- Standard and keeping enjoying its functionalities undisturbed!

Lenovo is one of the leading Laptop providers. Its popularity is spread across the world owing to its optimal quality, fast processing, seamless operability, and efficient performance. Many of us users rely on it blindly for our day-to-day tasks. Further, as users, we also save tons of integral information on it, given its high capacity!

Despite being intuitive in design, functionality, quality, and several other aspects, it is not completely secure against issues like Data loss.

As a user, you must have come across this query umpteenth times, isn’t it? Let us discuss the same with a simple Data Loss case. Suppose you lost the data from Windows Laptop.

Case 1: You deleted data using Delete command

What can you do to retrieve the lost files?

You can simply go to the Recycle Bin, select the desired file, and Restore it.

Case 2: You lost data due to “Ctrl + Shift + Delete” command, virus attack, formatting, software crash, etc.

What can you do to retrieve the lost files?

Solution 1: Backup provided you perform it on a regular basis.

What else if there is no backup?

Leverage a professional Lenovo data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery- Standard for Windows.

Watch out the video below to recover data from Lenovo Laptop-

Why we need Data Recovery Solution?

  • Firstly, it is not a common data loss scenario as data instead of going to Recycle Bin bypass it.
  • Secondly, the manual approach may lead to data loss or compromise
  • Thirdly, manual approach demands technical know-how and even then does not ensure complete recovery.

So, whether you have lost your data accidentally or deliberately, you need a reliable, dedicated solution to recover it.

Deleted your files saved on Lenovo Laptop – What could be the reason?

“My son, while playing online, accidentally clicked on the popup ads due to which a virus entered my laptop and I was not able to access one of the drives containing my important business critical documents.” – Jenny Walter

“Last evening while working in the office, there was a sudden power failure and the system closed on its own. Next day, when I started it, I noticed that the important files on which I was working are missing!” – Raina Johnson

The above two scenarios provide a brief understanding of different data loss cases. Apart from these, several other situations are under where data gets lost. But, whatever be the approach of data loss, the need of the hour is to recover the data!

However, prior to going ahead with the recovery, let us have a quick overview of the most common Lenovo data loss reasons.

Top Data Loss Causes

Recover data from Lenovo laptop

Stellar Data Recovery- Standard is a perfect recovery option for all types of lost, deleted, or inaccessible data. Security, Reliability, Powerful design, Quick Processing, and Efficient Performance are its key traits.

free download

What Can Stellar Data Recovery- Standard Do?

  • Recover all types of files Emails, Office Documents, Presentation, Spreadsheet, or Media Files
  • Recovers data from internal/external hard drive, inaccessible partitions, and removable media devices
  • Recover data in all possible logical failure scenario
  • Recover data from NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT simultaneously
  • Facilitates specific type of file or specific folder search

Why Trust Stellar Data Recovery- Standard?

  • Multiple DPI Support
  • Resume Recovery support
  • Effective Search Engine
  • Advanced Scanning Modes
  • Pre-recovery Preview Support
  • Tabbed view of scanned Tree
  • Categorization of scanned result

How do Data Recovery Software Work?

The software is easy-to-use. Once you are through with Download, Installation, and Registration process, follow these 3 recovery steps: Select, Scan, and Recover.

Steps to recover are as follows:

Step 1: Launch the software and select Data Type and Location

Select What Type of File You want recover

Step 2: Select Drive from Which You Want to Recover Data

Drive From Which you want to recover data

Step 3: Scan & Preview

Click Scan and wait for scanning process completion. On its successful completion, select the desired recoverable files and Preview.

Scanning Drive for Data Recovery

Preview Recoverable Data

Step 4: Recover

Lastly, checkmark all the desired files that you want to Save and state the desired Location for saving the same.

Save Recoverable File

The Recovery Process is complete!

Final Thoughts!

When a file gets deleted, the file header or reference of that file gets removed instead of data and space is marked as available for reuse. So, in short, data becomes invisible. Therefore, unless and until you overwrite it, there are possible chances of data recovery from it using a dependable data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery- Standard for Windows as data still exists on the hard drive. The best thing about this software is Demo version which not only allows you to evaluate its functionality efficiently but also shows the preview of your recoverable data!

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