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Recover Data Remotely over a Network with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6 Technician

The new version of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Technician software builds on its existing capabilities to add more value to the product and satisfy a larger spectrum of computer users (especially technicians). The software includes ‘Remote Recovery’ module, a functionality that allows you to recover data remotely from another system over a network. In an enterprise environment where mission-critical data is accessed and managed over a network, this unique capability accelerates the process of recovery of lost files when a data disaster strikes.

The ‘Remote Recovery’ feature allows you to perform simple, do-it-yourself recoveries to complex operations over a network quickly and effortlessly. This option eliminates the hassle of plugging out the hard drive from another system and connecting it with the computer where the software is installed. Moreover, you do not require additional resources to accomplish this job, but a connection between the two machines and installing and running Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent on the target machine.

Remote Recovery Agent

The software comes bundled with Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent that is the center stage of the entire recovery operation. The Remote Recovery Agent lets the software access the drives and volumes that are present on the target and recover data conveniently. You need to install Remote Recovery Agent on the target machine and run this agent before heading to recover data using the software.

To perform recovery using ‘Remote Recovery’ feature, you need the IP address of both source and target machines. You also need to specify a port number through which the Remote Recovery Agent will communicate with the software.

Three-Step Remote Recovery Procedure
NOTE: Run Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery on the source and Remote Recovery Agent on the target before starting ‘Remote Recovery’

* Enter IP address of the target machine and a valid port number in ‘Remote Recovery’ module of the software.
* On the Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent, click ‘Start Agent’.
* On the ‘Remote Recovery’ screen of the tool, click ‘Connect’ and recover data using the desired data recovery option.

Some users mistakenly assume that this process of Remote Recovery consumes significant time. In reality, the speed of the operation entirely depends on the strength of the network.

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