How Do I Recover Deleted Files from Buffalo External Hard Drive On Mac And Windows?

Have you lost your data from Buffalo External Hard Drive on Mac or Windows? Are you looking for an ideal solution to recover deleted files from Buffalo external hard drive? Look no further! Count on Stellar Data Recovery software to regain your lost or deleted data with ease on Mac as well as Windows.

Buffalo: Top-Leader in External Hard Drive

Among several well-known external hard drive brands, Buffalo is one of the key players in the line. Especially, when it comes to portable data carrier, it is a good choice that as you can use it as a backup drive for Mac as well as Windows.

But, does this mean you won’t lose your media files from a Buffalo external hard drive? Is your data completely secure then?

Absolutely, Not!

Now, the next question on your mind is, what if issues happens with Buffalo external hard drive? How will you recover the deleted or lost data you stored in the Buffalo drive as a backup?

Let’s look at a scenario:

You have a Buffalo 160 GB drive that you use to backup your Business-critical files with the aim to protect them from loss. However, two days earlier, while working on it, you found that it stored some unnecessary data. Thus, you decided to delete them right away and free-up some space. To clean up the hard drive, you deleted the unwanted files and folders. The next day, while working you accessed your external HDD and shockingly found that you have also accidentally deleted some of the most important files or folders.  You check the Trash or Recycle Bin but it is of no use.

Now, what’s Next? How will you recover the deleted files from the Buffalo external hard drive?

If you are in a state of despair and looking for an ideal recovery software, then your search ends here! Stellar Data Recovery software for Mac and Windows are recommended solutions.

Source: AnandTech

Buffalo External Hard Drive Recovery on Mac and Windows

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac  and Stellar Data Recovery Professional are top-rated anchors in Data Recovery industry for more than over 10 years. These Data Recovery utilities allow you to recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible data from all types of internal/external hard drive, removable drive, and optical media. Its state-of-the-art design is a testimony of each of these tools, based on which you can ensure complete Data Recovery.

Advanced Scanning Algorithm, Smart Features like Pre-Recovery Preview, and Intuitive GUI are some of the distinguishing traits that make these software stand apart from their competitors when it comes to Data Recovery. Apart from catering to lost or deleted data, it also lets you recover formatted files from Buffalo external hard drive.

In short, you can count on these Data Recovery software in all cases, be it Hard Drive not recognizing, not working, not showing up, or is logically damaged.

The recovery process is very user-friendly. After Download, Installation, and Registration, just follow the below-stated steps and recover deleted files with ease.

Let’s take each of the recovery options.

Step-by-Step Buffalo External Hard Drive Recovery Guideline on Mac and Windows

Option 1: Recovering Mac Deleted Files

It is a three steps process—Select, Scan, and Recover.

Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Select What to Recover

  • Run the software
  • You can Customize your Scan
  • Press Next
Stellar Mac data recovery
  • Select Disk or Partition (Buffalo External Hard Drive)
Select the location

Step 2: Scan

  • Click Scan
  • Wait for the Scanning Process to complete
  • On Completion, select the desired file or folder from the recoverable files or folders hierarchy to Preview

Step 3: Recover

  • Click Recover
  • Specify Destination to save the recovered files

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is saving all the recoverable files to a chosen destination.

Option 2: Recovering Windows Deleted Files

Like Mac, Windows Data Recovery is also a 3-step process i.e. Select, Scan, and Recover.

Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Select

  • Run the software
  • Select the data type that you want to recover
  • Select the Location (Buffalo External Hard Drive)

Step 2: Scan

  • Click Scan
  • Select Recovered Files for Preview

Step 3: Recover

  • Click Recover
  • State the Destination
  • Click Start Saving

The Buffalo Hard Drive Recovery Process is Complete.

Final Thoughts!

Data Loss on Buffalo external hard drive is a prime concern. It may be temporary as in the case of data unavailability or may be permanent. But, in the end, if not considered carefully, it puts you in a state of despair. Therefore, when such a situation arises, instead of wasting your precious time on manual-driven approaches that are complicated to a great extent, count on a professional recovery software approach. Here, both Stellar Mac Data Recovery and Stellar Windows Data Recovery with their ease of use and safe, secure, and reliable approach are the best bet!

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