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Recover Deleted Photos from Transcend SD Memory Card

Lost important photos from Transcend memory card? Read on this post to know how to recover the deleted photos from Transcend storage cards…

The post is relevant in all loss case scenarios such as deletion, formatting, corruption and inaccessible Transcend SD card .

Recover photos by Transcend Photo Recovery
Fix Transcend SD card showing errors to view its photos
Fix inaccessible Transcend memory card  

Transcend memory cards used in smartphone, DSLR, digital camera, dashcam, and other imaging devices may get corrupt, throw errors, or users may accidentally delete the stored photos on it. However, you can recover the missing image files from Transcend storage cards, regardless of the reasons for the loss.

Recover deleted photos by using Transcend photo recovery software

A professional Transcend SD card photo recovery software provides an assured way to get back the deleted photos. Irrespective of how you’d lost the photos, Stellar Photo Recovery — the Transcend photo recovery software restores the photos from any Class and capacity of Transcend memory cards.

The professional software supports all types of Transcend memory cards (SDHC, SDXC, CF cards, and Micro SD cards), and efficiently recovers the photos without affecting their original quality.

You can restore images of any format, including RAW image files of all leading camera types and brands. The photos are recovered with their original name, date, and timestamp, which makes it easy to sort and find the photos.

Further, the Transcend photo recovery for Mac and Windows can also recover missing video and audio files from the SD card.

Connect the Transcend SD card to the computer. Download and run the software and further follow the simple on-screen instructions.

How to recover deleted photos from Transcend SD card

Download Transcend photo recovery software trial to preview the recoverable photos.

Stellar Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

Step-by-Step: How to Recover photos from Transcend memory card

  • Connect Transcend card via card reader to the computer
  • Launch the Stellar Photo Recovery Software on Mac/ PC
  • Select the checkbox ‘Photos’ and click ‘Next
Stellar Photo Recovery
  • Select the Transcend SD card from the Connected Drives
  • Click ‘Scan’ and wait until the scan process finishes
Stellar Photo Recovery - Scanning in Progress
  • Preview all the found photos and select the pictures that you want to restore. Click ‘Recover
Stellar Photo Recovery-  Preview your recover photos
  • In the dialog box, click on the ‘Browse’ button to select the location to save the recovered photos
Stellar Photo Recovery - Recover Photos at desired location

Note: Don’t save the recovered photos in the problem Transcend SD card.

Do you receive errors while trying to open Transcend SD card?

SD card is Damaged Error

Figure: ‘SD card is damaged’ error
Please insert the disk into drive

Figure: ‘Please insert the disk into drive:’ error

You need to Format the disk in drive

Figure: ‘You need to format the disk in drive H:’ error

In case of errors like above, reinstall the PC driver, assign a new drive letteror perform CHKDSK via the command prompt. These methods often work when the SD card is not recognized by PC or when you can see the Transcend memory card but unable to open it.

If none of these methods works and you continue to receive such errors, use Stellar Photo Recovery software to restore the photos from Transcend SD card.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

Is your Transcend memory card inaccessible? Try out these tips

  • Your SD card may be write-protected. Slide the switch upward in the unlock position.Now you can access the stored photos and edit, copy or save them.
  • Your card reader may not be working: A faulty card reader may be the cause of inaccessible Transcend memory card. Check, if you are able to access photos by using another card reader.

To Sum Up

Whether you are a photographer or an amateur home user who uses Transcend memory card, your photos are precious. You wouldn’t want to lose them due to deletion, corruption and other reasons.

The post shared how you can fix inaccessible Transcend SD cards and those showing errors when trying to view the photos saved on them. 

In case of deletion, formatting or corruption, use the best Transcend photo recovery software — Stellar Photo Recovery. The Transcend SD card recovery software is a reliable tool that efficiently recoups your valuable photos without affecting their original quality. Moreover, Stellar Photo Recovery works with all types and capacities of Transcend memory cards.

Fast speed, RAW image file support, and high recovery rate make it a popular software for Transcend photo recovery.

The post is relevant in all loss case scenarios such as deletion, formatting, corruption and inaccessible Transcend SD card .

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