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How to recover deleted photos from MacBook Air

Sumona Chatterjee  | Updated on February 11, 2021 | Photo Recovery   | 11 Comments   | 5 min read

Summary: The blog highlights Apple’s MacBook Air and describes the events of Photo loss on the device. It also summarises the photo recovery procedure along with the actions that user must take immediately in the instance of data loss.

MacBook Air has become the signature product of Apple. Not only it is recommended due to its portability and compatibility parameters, but also it is enriched with features. The design dimensions can be comprehended from the fact that it was introduced by pulling it from the manila envelope. Its stunning features include prolonged usage without charging the device for about 9 hours.

The base model of the lightest and smallest laptop ever comes with modest storage specifications. Although the device with 128 GB storage and 4 GB RAM can be configured to 512 GB storage and 8 GB RAM, you have to be very careful while performing the upgrade, else it may create issues and even data loss. Read more on How to Recover Mac Files Lost After a Failed OS X Upgrade

Despite having marvellous features and functionalities, the MacBook Air still possess the risk of Photo loss, which is quite common on all smart devices. Apart from technical factors, there are other reasons as well that leads to situations of Photo loss, no matter how secure your device is against physical and logical failures and breakdown.

What causes Photo Loss in MacBook Air?

  • If the Auto empty Trash is activated, you may compromise a considerable amount of image if deleted accidentally. So make sure to turn off this feature so as to prevent photo loss in severe cases. Read more on Mac Data Recovery after using ‘Delete Immediately’ Option
  • By downloading unreliable programs and applications on MacBook Air, you may bypass security features of the device. Always check for compatibility parameters before downloading any application.
  • Sometimes, the apps are reliable, but the resource from which it is downloaded or installed is untrustworthy. Hence, make sure to download the apps from trustworthy resources and links
  • If the folder that contains important pictures and graphics get deleted from Mac Terminal, you may face permanent deletion. Under such cases, you may find it quite difficult to restore the photos back using built-in MacBook photo recovery utilities.
  • Corruption is undoubtedly the most commonly occurred reason that not only puts photos and other multimedia files on risk but also makes the recovery process quite questionable as the probabilities are that the device may not start at all.
  • Another common cause can be accidentally formatting the hard drive or any of its partitions that contain all the important pictures and other crucial data. Under such situations data loss is severe.

Measures to recover deleted photos from MacBook Air?

When you encounter photo loss, the very first thing that you must do is:

  • Stop working with the device as any data may get overwritten and the chances of recovery will be reduced.
  • Do not download any of the applications on MacBook Air device as you may lose all your data permanently.
  • Always rely on reliable and trustworthy data recovery apps and try not to perform recovery using free versions as they are not updated against risks.

When photos are lost, the situation is comparatively severe, and data recovery is the must; since you cannot compromise those special moments spent and captured with the family and near ones. You may be lost in the methods to recover deleted photos, but as a matter of fact, nothing seems to be helpful.

Where manual procedures fail to recover deleted photos from MacBook Air, third-party solutions would serve the purpose. Yes, you can efficiently recover all the deleted MacBook Air pictures with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery software specially designed to recover multimedia data from Mac machines.

How to Recover Images using Stellar Photo Recovery

The tool can recover all the photos and other graphical data that has been lost due to any known or unknown reasons.

Watch this video to know what our reviewer Sleeklens has to say about this tool

It is developed using advanced image recovery algorithms that offer quick recovery maintaining original quality and actual format of the image. Follow the steps below to utilise the software:

  1. To initiate the image recovery process, you will need to download and install Stellar Mac Photo Recovery.
  2. Select Recover Photos, Audio & Video option from the main screen of the tool to recover deleted photos from MacBook Air.
  3. All the storage devices (both internal and external) and physical volumes will be displayed in the tool panel. Click on appropriate disk or volume to begin the recovery process.
  4. Click on Advanced Settings option available on the lower right corner of the tool window. In the appeared Advanced Settings dialogue box, select specific file types or specific region to recover data from.
  5. Once the file formats are selected, click on Scan Now button to initiate the scanning process on selected files.

You can view various folders displayed in the left pane by the file types such as image files, audio files and video files. Click on any file to preview its contents in the top preview pane.

  1. Once you find the files that need to be recovered, click on the Recover button available in the lower section of the tool window.
  2. Finally, specify the destination path to mention the location where you want to save the recovered image files.

Additional Information!

If you are unable to recover images using filenames, the MacBook photo recovery will allow you to search for the file creation date and time to perform the recovery. In addition to this, if you are performing photo recovery on digital camera files, the tool also enables selecting the camera name and model in order to help identify the image that needs to be recovered and restored.

The tool can be utilised on Apple iMac machines and notebooks running over macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Mojave 10.14,OS X macOS Sierra 10.12, El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10, Mavericks 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7, and Snow Leopard 10.6.


Photo loss is common cause that occurs in almost all the devices, irrespective of the brand, model or make, specifications or other similar parameters it incorporates. It is important to take immediate actions as mentioned above to prevent data from permanent loss and then execute recovery using Stellar Photo Recovery (Mac) tool.

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