How to Recover Accidentally Deleted PowerPoint Presentation for Free

Summary: Want to recover deleted PowerPoint presentation for free? Then read this post to get the best solution for your problem, based on using a free data recovery program that can recover not only PPT files but other type of file formats.Can’t believe? Download and run the software to see on your own.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted PowerPoint Presentation for Free

Picture this. You are working since morning on an important PowerPoint Presentation and have added all the essential statistics, images, graphs, charts, and other necessary details and then saved it. Since the presentation was offsite, you decide to move it to a pen drive. To execute the transfer process, you connected the pen drive and used the Cut + Copy + Paste command. However, while the file was in process of transfer, an abrupt power failure occurred and the system turned off as a consequence. The moment it came back, you rebooted the machine and accessed both the system and pen drive, but unfortunately, the PowerPoint file was missing. You also juggled with other files saved on your system but did not find anything.

Now, the question arises as to where the file is? Is PowerPoint recovery helpful in such cases?

This is a common scenario faced by all of us at a certain point in time where we end up losing an important document. Fortunately, it is not as challenging as it seems. There are several options to combat it. Here is a comprehensive guide for restoring your lost or deleted PowerPoint Presentation. However, before we delve into it, let us have a quick outline of PowerPoint and its loss factors.

PowerPoint Files Insight

In simple words, PowerPoint File is a complete graphics representation package of your data. Further, using it, you can easily add Animations, Shapes, Banners, Callouts, Image Objects, Tables, Charts, etc. to your file. In short, it is a vital program.

Despite having numerous benefits, it is not 100% immune to lose or deletion cases. When such reality situation arises, the only possible outcome is panic and the best solution to overcome this is a Free PowerPoint recovery tool.

How to Recover Deleted PowerPoint File

There are different Free hacks using which you can recover your lost or deleted PowerPoint File.

Approach 1: Restore from Recycle Bin

The most common way to restore the deleted PowerPoint file.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Recycle Bin
  2. Search for the desired Presentation
  3. Select and Right-click
  4. Choose Restore

Approach 2: Free PowerPoint Data Recovery Tool

Free PowerPoint recovery software approach will help you recover your lost or deleted presentation file. This method is free from manual intervention, , doesn’t demand any technical know-how and minimizes data risks.

You have a plethora of free file recovery options for file Recovery in the online marketplace, however, still, the selection is a bit tedious as you cannot check each & every solution and you cannot go with any random tool. The reason being both has its own cons, and as a consequence can result in further worsening the situation.

Therefore, to make your selection as well as recovery bit easier and comfortable, we bring forth the most demanded and used free deleted presentation recovery software Stellar Windows Data Recovery—Free Edition. It’s Powerful Scan Engine, Robust Recovery Modules, Efficient Search Features, and Pre-Recovery Preview Support are some of its key traits that distinguish it from its humble competitors.

 Approach 3: Temporary Files

Initially, when we start a file, it creates a temporary file for the same.   You can easily find it either on the network drive where you store it or in the windows temp directory,:\DocumentsandSettings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft”. Usually, the file you will find them in the temp section will have few extra letter after the title.

Approach 4:  Previously Stored File

Another quite efficient method to restore lost or deleted file. For this, you need to verify whether you have enabled AutoRecover. Its steps are as follows:

  1. Go to File
  2. Select Option
  3. Select Save
  4. Under Save Presentation option, there is an option stating AutoRecover File Location
  5. Copy and Paste Address and Open it.
  6. Select the desired File from it.

The Bottom Line

Losing or deleting a file either intentionally or accidentally is not a welcome situation for all regardless of whether you are Standard User or a Professional User. When such a scenario arises, the only point of consideration is its recovery. And to cater this request, here are few standard free approaches to recover your files. Further, there is also a recommendation of a well-known Free PowerPoint recovery software that ensures to recover your accidentally deleted files diligently and without compromise.

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