How to Recover Deleted ZIP Files?

Summary: Compressing files is the best way to save storage capacity also it eases the file sending process. Losing Zip files is the most painful experience that anyone can have so here in this blog we are presenting simple methods that can help users to recover their lost Zip files.

How to Recover Deleted ZIP Files?

File compression is a great way of saving storage space and safeguard data from prying eyes as compression allows file encryption too. Common file compression formats such as .ZIP, .RAR, GZIP, TAR, and 7z are widely used by Windows users to securely store their documents and other important files on a storage media.

However, sometimes user accidentally deletes the compressed ZIP file. Additionally, a ZIP file is also prone to corruption due to virus or malware infection. Thus, to recover deleted ZIP files from a Windows PC or supported storage media, you need a data recovery software with dedicated ZIP file recovery option. That’s the only secure way of getting back deleted zip files without corruption when the backup isn’t available.

Restoring Deleted ZIP Files from Windows PC

The data recovery software that we are going to use for deleted ZIP file recovery is from Stellar Data Recovery, a renowned organization providing data recovery solutions since 1993 with over 3 million users across the globe.

The software—Stellar Data Recovery Standard—comes with a dedicated option to recover folders such as ZIP, 7z, RAR, etc. from any Windows-supported storage media.

You can also use this software in all other data loss situations; be it from the internal/external hard disk drive or removable media like USB flash drive, memory card, etc.

Follow these steps to recover Deleted ZIP files:

  • Launch Stellar Data Recovery- Standard for Windows
  • Click the ‘Folders’ checkbox and click ‘Next’
  • Select the storage media under ‘Connected Drive’ or select a folder using ‘Choose Location’ where the zip files existed. After selecting the location, click ‘Scan’
  • Allow the software to scan the storage media or folder location for the deleted zip files
  • After the scan, click ‘File Type’ tab in the left pane and expand ‘Archive’ folder
  • Locate ‘ZIP’ folder and click to see the deleted compressed ZIP file

(Optional) If the desired ZIP file is not found, click ‘Click Here’ link at the bottom of the software window to run a deep scan

  • Then select the ZIP files and click ‘Recover’ to save them at the preferred location
Deleted ZIP files successfully recovered

That’s all you need to do. So next time if you lose any file, immediately run Stellar Data Recovery software for ZIP folder recovery. The sooner you scan, the better results you will get, and fewer chances of data corruption will be there.

In The End

Compressed file or folder recovery is easy with the help of a reliable Zip file recovery software such as the one we used in this guide. There is no manual method to restore deleted compressed ZIP files other than backup and recovery software.

Therefore, when the backup isn’t found, go ahead install and use the Stellar Data Recovery software to recover the deleted zip files from your PC or external storage media as soon as possible. Moreover, you can also restore over 300+ file types besides ZIP files from a Windows system or Windows-supported storage media.

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