Recover Data from Mac mini hard drive or SSD

Summary: Did you lost important files from your Mac mini system? Today, you will learn to recover deleted files from mini with the help of native tools and data recovery software.

Recover Data from Mac mini hard drive or SSD

‘I accidentally formatted my Mac Mini 2012 drive and erased approximately 5000 pictures of my family, friends, documents and college projects. I’m using macOS Mojave, with 8GB RAM. I don’t have any backup and I need to recover my files. How can I recover all the data from my Mac mini?’

Even with its whopping capacity of 64GB and extended 2TB SSD, Apple’s Mac mini is not immune to data loss. You may accidentally delete your valuable data or lose it due to formatting, Mac drive failure and other reasons.

This post guides you to the best and easy method to recover lost and deleted data from Mac mini hard drives and SSDs.

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Why you lose data on Mac mini?

Apple’s each product has integrated built-in security features yet it is not completely fail-proof. Despite being intuitive, you can still lose data from this powerful device.

Some most common reasons for Mac mini data loss are found to be:

  • Accidental deletion of files from Trash
  • Formatted volumes, partitions, or Mac mini’s SSD
  • Deleted Mac mini’s partitions
  • Mac mini external drive is not recognized
  • Mac mini hard drive failure 

Whether human gaffes or technical glitches, the only solution to get back lost data from Mac mini is with the help of a professional Mac data recovery software.

However, before getting on to the Mac mini data recovery software, assess the cause of data loss and try some workarounds. Who knows you may get back your lost data without any software assistance!

Workarounds you may try to fix Mac mini data loss:

  • For deleted data, look into Trash: Find your deleted files and folders in Trash folder first and restore them.
  • Mac mini drive not recognized, check connections: If Mac mini external drive is not recognized, check the cables and port. Ensure they are intact (not damaged) and properly connected
  • Inaccessible volume, go for First Aid:  When your drive or volume is inaccessible or having a problem, apply First Aid. Open Disk Utility and follow Apps > Utilities. Click on the affected disk and click First Aid. The First Aid feature checks and repairs the Mac mini volume for errors.

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Recover data from Mac mini storage drive with Stellar

Many a time workarounds don’t help retrieve files on Mac mini. This is when Stellar application can be of huge assistance. Regardless of the cause of data loss, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac can serve as an advanced utility to get back all your deleted and lost data from Mac mini. It offers a quick solution to restore lost documents, photos, videos, audio, emails, etc., from all the versions of Mac mini including the latest Mac mini 2018.

How is Mac mini hard drive recovery software helpful?

  • Retrieves data erased from Trash
  • Retrieves formatted Mac mini drives data
  • Restores from lost or deleted volumes and partitions
  • Recovers from unmounted hard drives

Caution: Stop using the affected drive as soon as you realize that data is lost from Mac mini. This is vital to avoid overwriting the hard drive or media with new information. Overwriting can result in permanent loss of the previously deleted data, and hence must be avoided to maximize the chances of Mac mini or SSD recovery.

Step-by-step Mac Mini Data Recovery Process

Step 1: Install Stellar Data Recovery Professional free trial* on your Mac mini


Step 2: Select the desired data type you want to recover, Click Next

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

Step 3: Select affected Mac Mini Hard Drive. Click Scan

Professional - Select Location -HDD-Deep Scan

Step 4: Preview the found files and click Recover to save

Preview - Professional

* The free trial version of Stellar Data Recovery software helps you evaluate the recoverable data. To save the recovered files you need to activate Stellar Data Recovery software on your Mac mini.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Activation


Losing important data is an overwhelming situation, but, it can be overcome with the right approach and solution. Using professional software such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac could be a great solution for Mac mini.

Power-packed with advanced features, this software is capable of handling all types of data loss scenarios. So, whether your data loss is due to accidental deletion, formatting, crash or other reasons, it restores data in all scenarios.

You can take the free demo version here and preview the recovered Mac mini data.


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