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Recover Photos and Videos from Formatted or Corrupted 3DS SD card

Summary: In this post, you learn about how you can regain your in-game achievement when your 3ds SD card gets corrupt. See how Stellar Photo Recovery software can help recover photos and videos from formatted or corrupted 3DS SD card.

Recover Photos and Videos from Formatted or Corrupted 3DS SD card Recover Photos and Videos from Formatted or Corrupted 3DS SD card

Have you lost your favorite games, themes, or photos from formatted or corrupted 3DS SD card? Do you want to now recover photos and videos from the 3DS SD card?

3DS SD cards are used by Nintendo 3DS game consoles to store games data on them and enable you to play those games anytime and anywhere.

If you are an avid gamer who loves all the fun and adventure playing with Pokemon, Super Mario Odyssey, Ninja Storm, or Picross on your new Nintendo 3DS, losing these games files due to accidental formatting or corruption of 3DS SD cards can be really frustrating.

But now no need to fret over the loss. Whether it’s the loss of Nintendo 3DS XL games, themes, or movies etc., here we bring you the best recovery mode for 3DS SD cards.

The Best 3DS SD Card Recovery Software

Nintendo 3DS officially supports 2-32GB sized SD cards, SDHC, miniSD, and microSD cards of FAT32 file system. If you have lost your games or pictures etc., due to the corruption or formatting of the 3DS SD card, recover photos and videos files through a SD card recovery software which supports FAT32 format.

A smarter and quick mode is to download Stellar Photo Recovery to get back lost photos, videos or games from the SD card. It is a photo, video and audio recovery tool, which enables recovery from corrupt or formatted SD cards containing 3DS files.

The software supports FAT32 file system and successfully recovers lost files in case of formatting, accidental deletion or corruption of your 3DS memory card. It is up to 30% faster than other recovery software and is skilled to recover graphic intensive pictures and videos. The Stellar software is already used by millions of gamers who unfortunately lose their precious 3DS files from SD cards, miniSD, microSD, or SDHC cards.

It is a do-it-yourself software which even a novice can work upon.

In three simple steps – Select, Scan, and Recover, you can restore your 3DS data from a formatted or corrupted Nintendo SD card. The software is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

Does your 3DS memory card ask you to format when trying to access the SD card?

Whenever your 3DS memory card gives errors like ‘SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it’ when trying to access SD card, perform Chkdsk (check disk).

Steps to Chkdsk:

  • Type cmd in the Search box
  • Right-click cmd and select the Run as Administrator
  • Type chkdsk < SD card drive letter>:/f (e.g., chkdsk E: /f) in command prompt and press Enter

Download the lost data again from Nintendo e-Shop

Another approach to recover lost stored Nintendo 3DS data of formatted 3DS SD card is by re-downloading from e-Shop. Visit the Nintendo e-Shop and check your downloads. If the data is still there you can re-download it using your Nintendo Network ID. If the downloadable content is not there, contact Nintendo for help.

Missing transferred Nintendo 3DS files from SD card!

The Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL are officially compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB in size. If you have transferred your old 3DS data to anything higher than 32 GB, you will not find any of your games, badges, or themes, etc., on it. Try downgrading to a 32GB SD card.


Don’t miss the fun and lose heart. Whether it’s your games or themes, get back the lost data from formatted 3DS SD card using Stellar Photo Recovery. The software can help you recover thousands of media files in few minutes and that too with their original date, time, and name intact.

Go ahead, recover, and enjoy your games again!

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