Recover Lost Data from Inaccessible Laptop Hard Drives for Free

Summary: This blog outlines some serious data loss scenarios that you should know to prevent data lose from laptop. The blog also tells you about the best methods to recover lost or deleted data from inaccessible laptop. Before you read further, download the free trial version of Stellar Data Recovery software & keep it handy to follow through on the steps.

Recover Lost Data from Inaccessible Laptop Hard Drives for Free

Hard drives do have sensitive nature, which makes them fall under the category named ‘Susceptible to Corruption’ due to innumerable causes, including file system corruption, malfunctioning of any of the internals, power failures, and improper or forced a system shutdown. Corruption in the hard drive causes data loss, in case there is no recent backup available. Moreover, such data loss situations might lead to a state of panic and sink you into chaos.

No matter which computer, a desktop or laptop, you own, the hard drive installed on it does not assure for data security. In fact, since laptops are portable, the odds for their hard drives getting bad are greater than that for the hard drives installed on desktops. Besides, you cannot do anything to prevent hard drive corruption but can keep a recent backup of your crucial data on an external drive or at some other secure location, typically a network drive.

Data Loss on Laptops

Although data loss scenarios coming into view on desktops are not at all different from those that meet on laptops, these portable computers are even more sensitive and prone to corruption. Most of the times, carelessness leads to data loss, while sometimes hard drives lead to failure all of a sudden and cause massive data loss. Mentioned below are the major causes of data loss on laptops:

Deleting Data Accidentally – Deleting data accidentally is the most common scenario that results in loss of crucial data in access. Actually, the scenario is like that you were deleting multiple unwanted files out of many ones saved together in a particular drive on your laptop. However, you unfortunately, deleted some crucial files along with the useless ones. Since you deleted them permanently (i.e. deleted by Shift + Del), you cannot undo the delete operation and recover deleted files back.

Partition Loss or Corruption – Out of the number of partitions your laptop has, one or more partitions must be containing crucial files. Unfortunately, such a partition suddenly gets disappear or no longer show in My Computer. However, the same partition is visible when you go to Computer Management. In such a state, you almost lost the data that the lost volume contains. Similarly, one or more partitions sometimes lead to a state of inaccessibility or corruption and you fail to open that particular partition.

Drive Failure – Laptops are portable computers that provide massive space for data storage. Some of the laptops today are available with SSDs, while others got HDDs installed to store data independently. As you know that these hard drives are prone to corruption due to several fatal threats, they many times lead to drive failure without giving a pre-failure notification. Such scenarios cause huge losses of data and resources. In contrast, SSDs are faster though. However, they are not safe because of the limited lifetime they got.

Prevent Data Loss on laptops

Everyone likes carrying a laptop today, but nobody wants to own a desktop – a huge machine that requires placing at a safe and well-balanced place. The prime reason for rushing towards buying a laptop not a desktop most likely is the portability and ease of access to data. Well, preferring to buy a laptop in comparison to a desktop is all the way in your favor. However, there is a need for being even more careful in handling and maintenance of this computer. The truth that you cannot escape is that backing up the data is also in your favor, as it makes sure that the data, which is no longer available, can actually be restored in its original form.

In other words, you cannot prevent data loss scenarios coming into view, but you can certainly avoid data loss by putting backup techniques into practice. For this, you can either implement manual backup or use backup software developed and marketed by authorized manufacturers.

Recover Lost Data from Laptop

When it comes to data recovery from inaccessible hard drives, there raises a need for best data recovery software. However, such recovery tools are not helpful in each case of data loss. In other words, the odds for data recovery rely on multiple factors, including the cause of data loss, whether the hard drive was used after data loss if the drive was defragmented after the data loss event occurred, and the like. In addition, the efficiency of recovery software is also one of the key factors playing key roles in lost data recovery.

In case a reliable and efficient data recovery tool is available, you can recover lost data up to 100 percent.

File recovery software thoroughly scans the entire or selected region of the hard drive for lost or deleted files. Each file the software finds is checked for its unique presence marked in the address table. In case a recovered file does not have its entry in the address table, the file is listed under ‘Deleted Files’ category in the scanned result. Out of the recovery tools available online and/or in the market, a few ones got the ability to generate preview of the recovered files, which helps in deciding whether the file is required.

Such an expert data recovery tool not only reduces the time that is going to be elapsed in saving the recovered items, but it also saves system resources being utilized. Thus, use efficient and authorized data recovery tools whenever required and take experts’ advice in such cases to avoid extra overhead.

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