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Recover Lost Video Footages on Nanny Cam

Summary: Loss of Nanny Cam footages is a common problem. Here's how you can recover all your deleted recordings with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery software even if you don't have the backup.

Recover Lost Video Footages on Nanny Cam Recover Lost Video Footages on Nanny Cam

These news headlines are horrifying and chilling. Were it not for the hidden cameras on spot, many such ghastly acts would have gone uncaught.

Nanny cam or hidden cameras are becoming vital source of evidence for law enforcement bodies. Without the spy camera footages, it would be difficult to book the perpetrators.

But, what if you do not have the right footages? Or your Nanny Cam videos are deleted or lost

Addressing the common problem, here we share how to recover lost and deleted video footages on Nanny Cam of any brand, be it Hommie, Zencam, Dropcam, Conbrov, Jumbl Radio Clock Camera etc.

But before that, let’s briefly understand how Nanny Cam records videos and what leads to the loss of videos.

How Nanny Cam works?

A Nanny Cam is a home spy camera to monitor and record activities of nannies, caregivers, housekeepers etc. These cameras can be easily hidden in toys, clocks, flowers, and other common household items.

Their small size and remote accessibility make them a good pick for ensuring children safety and security at homes, when you are away.

Whether wired or wireless (using Wi-Fi), Nanny Cam usually records footages in SD card or hard drive via DVR.

The video footages are usually H.264 720p to 1080p and can be of any file format like AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV etc. Most nanny cams record videos without audio, as Federal Law forbids secret recording of audio. The video footages can be viewed on TV, computer, and smartphone.

Common reasons for loss of Nanny Cam videos

Loss of security camera footages is a common complaint. Technical faults, deletion, formatting, and corruption in the SD card, USB drive or hard drive can cause videos loss. Also, Nanny cams usually save the videos for 30-45 days approximately. After this duration or when the SD card memory is full, the camera replaces the old footages with the new ones. If you don’t take backups, the stored videos are automatically deleted and replaced with new footages.

How to recover lost and deleted video footages on Nanny Cam

Any lost or deleted video recording from Nanny Cam can be recovered with the help of a multimedia recovery software. There’s no other way out, unless you have created backups.

You can get back missing and deleted CCTV camera footages either:

  • With the help of a Nanny Cam recovery software
  • Restore from backup

Tip: Save Nanny cam footages in Cloud to free yourself from worrying about loss or deletion of footages. Further, Cloud storage lets you access Nanny video footages from anywhere.

Recover footage by using Nanny Cam recovery software

A Nanny Cam recovery software — Stellar Video Recovery restores lost or deleted video recordings from Nanny Cam DVR hard drive, SD card and other storage media. It works with all brands of Nanny Cams.

Stellar Photo Recovery -The efficient tool

Nanny cams videos have numerous file formats, to an estimate over thousands! This is because DVR manufacturers are regularly producing new formats.

Thus, it gets really difficult to find a software that recovers all and any video file format of CCTV. The 3 key features that make Stellar Photo Recovery an ideal solution for Nanny cam recovery include the following —

  1. The software recovers any multimedia file format –  known, unknown and new proprietary DVR file formats.
  • The software restores the recordings with original date and timestamp, which is essential for security cameras recovery.
  • It recoups important videos without affecting their original visual and audio quality.
Tip: When you discover Nanny Cam video has been deleted or missing for some reason, immediately stop using the hard drive or card to prevent overwriting the lost video files.

Step-by-step: Recover lost/deleted footages from Nanny cameras

Dos’ to protect Nanny Cam videos Take regular backup of videos, preferably on CloudSave important footages in multiple drivesDon’t use the memory card or drive after a data loss incidenceInstall antivirus on your computer

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Wrapping Up

The Nanny Camera technology is proven beneficial in monitoring nannies, caregivers, intruders etc., at home. However, routine management of the recorded video files is tedious, which leads to loss of video footages. This might turn out to be a major handicap in case an untoward incident is reported and the footage makes for an indispensable evidence.

In such cases, irrespective of the type of Nany Cam you are using, restore footages by using Stellar Photo Recovery software. The 100% secure Nanny Camera recovery software supports almost all file formats of spy camera DVRs and ensures footages are recovered without quality loss.

Try the free demo now! And view the lost Nanny Cam footages

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