How to Recover Photos from Leica Camera

Summary: If you want to recover photo and videos from any Leica camera, this post gives you the quick and safe solution. It shares a tried and tested Leica camera recovery software —Stellar Photo Recovery. Also know the best practices to protect your camera videos and photos from loss.

How to Recover Photos from Leica Camera How to Recover Photos from Leica Camera

It won’t be wrong to say Leica cameras grew with photography. From the first Leica 35mm camera in 1924 to the latest M10-R, it’s been a historical photography journey. The superior quality photos and videos make Leica a much valuable possession. But the loss of digital photos and videos is unescapable even with high-end Leica camera models.

Be it Leica M10-R, Leica S3, Leica M10 Monochrome, Leica CL, Leica SL2, or Leica D-Lux 7, or others, you may lose your photos or videos.

Common reasons for photo loss from a Leica Camera

Inadvertent deletion, formatting, or reformatting of camera SD card, improper file transfer, etc., can result in loss of photos and videos from a Leica camera.

A virus intrusion into your storage drive can also lead to Leica memory card error, unreadable media, or missing photos and videos from the camera card. Other reasons reported are Leica camera failure, storage media corruption, and OS crash.

Tip: If your digital Leica photos have corrupted use Stellar Repair for Photoa photo repair tool that fixesgreyed-out, black, color bands and other issues in pictures from digital camera.

Recover Photos using Leica Camera Photo Recovery software

How to Recover Photos from Leica Camera

A Leica camera recovery software is an indisputable way to restore lost pictures. With so many recovery tools available you may be confused about the right choice. Always remember the correct approach is to select media files recovery tool that is secure to download, user-friendly, and restores photos and videos without affecting their original quality.

Plus, ensure it supports recovery of file formats used by Leica. Leica saves its photos both in JPEG and uncompressed RAW formats (DNG and RWL). The camera records videos in full HD/ UHD 4K in MOV or MP4. Leica saves the recording in its internal memory card.

So look for the following in your Leica camera recovery software:

  • Support for photo and video file formats used by Leica cameras.
  • Support for memory card of your Leica camera.
  • Recovery in all loss scenarios such as deletion, formatting, virus-infection etc.
  • Restores photos and videos with their original quality intact.
  • Fast and user-friendly.
  • Secure and free from malware.

Popularly used Stellar Photo Recovery is one such software that is fast and can safely recover deleted photos and videos from all models of Leica cameras. Whether you own, Leica M10 Monochrome, Leica SL2, Leica Q2, or Leica S3, the software can work with all.

You can quickly recover thousands of JPEG, RWL, DNG, MOV, MP4 and other media files saved in any SD card or storage drive. The deleted photos are restored with their original file name, date, and timestamp.

Stellar Photo Recovery works in situations of deletion, formatting, camera SD card corruption, and more. It comprehensively scans HDD, SSD and memory cards of any capacity to give back your lost videos and photos. The software operates with all types of SD cards commonly used in Leica cameras such as Sony Tough G, Kingston Canvas Select Plus, SanDisk Extreme Pro, Toshiba Exceria Pro, and others.

Steps to recover deleted photos and videos from Leica camera

Step 1: Download and run Stellar Photo Recovery on computer.

Step 2: Connect the Leica camera drive or SD card from which you lost photos/ videos to computer.

Step 3: In the software, select camera SD card or drive and click Scan.

Scan Leica camera SD card or drive
Figure: Scan Leica camera SD card or drive

Step 4: Before scanning, you can select the required ‘Photo Formats’ or ‘Video Formats’ by clicking on the Advanced Settings icon on top to recover exactly what you want.

Photo file types in Advanced Settings
Figure: Photo file types in Advanced Settings

Step 5: Preview the found Leica photos after scan. Click Recover.

Preview photos in Stellar Photo Recovery
Figure: Preview photos in Stellar Photo Recovery

Step 6: Next, click Browse. Select a location on your drive to save the Leica camera photos and videos. 

Note: You can also try the Premium Edition of Stellar Photo Recovery that can recover as well as repair corrupt photos and videos from Leica.

Don’ts to Prevent Photos Loss from Leica cameras

  1. Don’t record when Leica storage memory is full.
  2. Don’t use camera SD card on other devices.
  3. Don’t insert/eject camera SD card in haste.
  4. Don’t delay antivirus update on your computer.
  5. Don’t use camera SD card further until you recover photos.


The cause of photos loss from your Leica camera can be any but when you have recover the lost pictures, always trust a powerful recovery tool. Further, follow the best practices to avoid photos and videos loss.

If you have deleted the pictures and videos, get the best Leica camera recovery software — Stellar Photo Recovery. It supports recovery of file types used by various models of Leica camera. Take the free trail to assess the successful recovery of your camera files.

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