Recover Lost Photos during Transfer from iPhone to PC or Mac

Transferring photos from iPhone X/8/7 to PC or Mac system is a simple task that can often get skewed causing serious photo loss situation. If you have also lost your valuable photos during one such event of photos transfer, then here’s a guide to get back photos lost during transfer.

Photo loss while transferring from iPhone to computer is a common problem faced by many. You try to transfer your photos from iPhone to computer and select the location to save them.

But when you check the drive folder in system, to your shock the photos are not there! And if this is a ‘cut and paste’ transfer from iPhone, it’s a big jolt for you.

But do not worry, thankfully, data recovery technology is always there to recover lost photos in any situation.

There can be several reasons for the loss of photos during transfer, such as below:

  • Sudden power failure during transfer of photos
  • Disconnecting iPhone from the PC/Mac while transferring photos
  • Lack of enough space in the drive to save the photos
  • Corruption of drive in which you saved the photos
  • Virus in the system
  • Anti-virus on your PC/Mac scans and detects virus in the photo resulting in photo loss

How to Recover Photos Lost during Transfer from iPhone X/8/7 to PC/Mac?

Typically, if you have not deleted the required photos from your iPhone, try transferring them again from the device to the PC or Mac. If already deleted then, try the below methods to recover the photos lost during transfer from iPhone X/8/7 to PC or Mac.

Solution 1: Search missing photos in the PC/Mac hard drive

It might be possible you transferred the iPhone photos to the PC but forgot the location where you saved. Try once searching the complete hard drive for your photos.

  1. Click on My PC or My Computer
  2. Type the command kind:=picture into the search box and press Enter
  3. The list of images will be displayed
  4. Right click on the required photos from the search results, and click Open File Location to view where they are saved

 For MAC follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Finder and go to your home directory
  2. Go to the Pictures folder
  3. Right-click on Photos Library.photoslibrary and select Show Package Contents
  4. Open the folder Masters to find the images in the Photos app. The Masters folder comprises the photos by date in subfolders. You can open the folders of the relevant dates to find your pictures.

Solution 2: Recover lost transferred photos from iTunes Backup

If you have synced your iPhone to iTunes, you can recover lost photos from this Apple’s backup utility.

Drawback: You cannot selectively pick the lost photos during the file transfer, rather complete data of iTunes is saved in your PC/Mac.

Note: In Mac the iTunes backup is stored in Library > Application Support > MobileSync > Backup.

In Windows 7, 8, 10, & Vista the iTunes backup is stored in Users > username > AppData > Roaming > Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup.

Solution 3: Recover lost photos from iCloud

If you have iCloud backup of the iOS device, you can recover photos lost during transfer through the cloud facility.

Drawbacks: You cannot directly restore iCloud backup photos on your PC or Mac. It is saved only to an iOS device.
You have to reset your iPhone X/8/7 to factory settings to restore the iCloud backup on it.

How to recover data from iCloud Backup on computer

  1. Take the backup of your iPhone data on iTunes
  2. Reset your iPhone to factory settings
  3. Go to Apps & Data screen of iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button for few seconds and following the onscreen instructions
  4. Under Apps & Data, click on Restore from iCloud Backup
  5. Sign in to iCloud by entering your Apple ID
  6. Select Choose Backup and pick the relevant one from the list of backups
  7. Tap After completion of process, the iPhone restarts and recovers complete data including photos, apps, and videos etc.
  8. Select the required photos from the recovered data and transfer them again them to your PC or Mac from iPhone
Tip: For selective recovery of lost photos from iCloud/iTunes use Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. It recovers missing Photos from Camera Roll and Photo Stream in iCloud/iTunes/iPhone. You can preview, select and save only the desired photos at your preferred location.

iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery Mac

Solution 4: Use the best Photo Recovery Software

When no backup, take the help of third-party photo recovery tool. This is regarded as the easiest way to recover lost photos during transfer from iPhone X/8/7 to PC/Mac. Use a risk-free application – Stellar Photo Recovery to recover your lost photos from PC or Mac

The do-it-yourself software recovers all types of media files lost due to deletion, corruption, virus infection or accidental formatting etc.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

How to recover lost photos from Stellar Photo Recovery?

  1. Launch Stellar Photo Recovery Software.
  2. On the home screen of the software – ‘Select What to Recover’. Click Next.
  3. Next, select the location from where you want to recover. Click Scan to start the scanning process
  4. A dialog box of ‘Scanning Completed Successfully!’ displays the scan results – number of files found and size of the data. In the left-pane of main window, all the recovered data is listed. You can preview them in the right pane.
    Note: If you do not see the required photos in the list, opt for Deep Scan option at the bottom.
  5. Click Recover. You can also choose to recover only the selective files – select photos that you need, right click, and click Recover.
  6. In the dialog box, specify the location to save the image files. Click Save. All the files get saved at the specified location Click Save. All the files get saved at the specified location.


Backup is the undisputable solution to any kind of photo loss situation. However, if you have not taken your photos backup in iTunes, iCloud or other storage media, recovery through Stellar Photo Recovery software is the best way to get back photos lost during transfer from iPhone X/7/8 to PC or Mac.

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