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Recover Photos from WiFi Eye-fi SD Cards

Sumona Chatterjee  | Updated on February 11, 2021 | Photo Recovery   | 10 Comments   | 5 min read

Summary: This blog speaks of the Eye-fi Mobi Pro SD Card that incorporates built-in Wi-Fi feature and Cloud integration. Despite powered with advanced security standard, it is not immune to corruption. It also identifies situations that lead to photo loss in Eye-fi Mobi Pro cards and also suggests an effective recovery solution as well as tips to avoid future image loss.

With faster Eye-Fi Mobi Pro wireless SDHC, it becomes quite easier to save unlimited photos and keep them handy. With built-in Wi-Fi, it connects the camera to smartphones, PC, Mac or Tablet. By inserting it into the camera, you can install any mobile apps or desktop programs for transferring the RAW and JPEG files. It allows selective transfer of images to the device. With Eye-fi Mobi Pro, you can share images using your home network while when outdoors, it creates a secure network for on-the-go convenience.

Eye-Fi SD card

With Cloud integration, Eye-fi Mobi cards become the only SD Card that allows uploading and synching photos to any smart device so that you can access them anytime, anywhere with any device. With several exclusive features, the Mobi Pro has become the must have NextGen SD Card.

Despite having numerous benefits and integrated with Static WEP 64/128, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK security standards, the photos on the Eye-fi Mobi Pro get affected, and you may lose the media files from this outstanding card.

Situations Leading to Eye-Fi Mobi Pro Photo Loss

Listed below are the common situations under which you will need to recover photos from WiFi /Eye-fi SD memory cards:

  • While creating automatic free space on memory card, many of the photos may get deleted. If these files are not backed up on some secure location, they will be lost forever.
  • Regardless of Static WEP 64/128, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK security standard integration, the device is prone to bugs and viruses that can damage the Mobi Pro card and infects all its data.
  • Unavoidable interruptions such as power failure, sudden shutdown, application close, low or nil battery while sharing or transferring the files from Eye-fi Mobi cards to another device such as smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac may steal the photos off the card
  • Human errors such as accidentally deleting the files, unintentionally formatting the Eye-Fi Mobi Pro SD card, corruption in the device can lead to photo loss or may affect the header section of all or multiple images

As a matter of fact, nothing is more worrisome that losing your priceless photos! In the case of photo or video loss, the first step is to look for Eye-fi Card recovery application. But, if you are familiar with Stellar Photo Recovery software, you can take the risk.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

The software is well known for recovering lost images from Eye-Fi Mobi Wifi SD Card with just a few clicks. If you wish to know how it helps recover photos from the Smart Wi-Fi integrated SD Card, go through the steps below:

  1. Download, Install and Run Stellar Photo Recovery software
  2. Connect the Eye-Fi Mobi Pro SD Card to the computer
  3. You will see all the drives being attached to the computer
  4. Select the Eye-fi Mobi Pro SD media card to recover the deleted or formatted photos
  5. Specifying all the selections and options, click on OK
  6. Click on Advanced Options
  7. In the Advanced Options window, select the file formats that you need to recover such as JPEG and RAW under Supported File Format tab; else, under Select Region tab, specify the SD card region or sector that you need to recover in Starting and Ending sector
  8. Then, click on Scan Now You can see the progress of the scan process within the tool panel
  9. Once, the scan completes, the tool will enlist all the recoverable files from Eye-fi Mobi Pro SD card in the tool window
  10. Select the files that you need to restore by clicking on the checkboxes and then click on the Recover button.
  11. Finally, provide the destination path to store the recovered photo files at the desired location on the drive.


If the tool fails to find the photo or image file you are searching for, you can search it by providing the filename, file creation date and time particulars, or camera name or model. This will help identify a specific file which it will display it on the tool panel.

  • If you are unable to access the Eye-fi Mobi Wifi SD Card media in the list of drives enlisted in the tool window, remove the card reader or the digital camera from the connecting USB port and then re-attach it. You can now proceed with the photo recovery program.
  • While saving the recovered files, ensure that they are saved at another location as that of the Wi-Fi Eye-Fi Mobi Pro SD Card. Attempting to save the data to the same location as that of the source file may overwrite the drive, thereby, reducing the chances of recovery.
  • If you are new to Eye-fi card recovery software, you can try to recover the photos using the Freeware version of the tool. It enables you to preview the recoverable photos within the tool panel. Therefore, you will have an idea of the functionality parameters of the tool.
  • If you have scanned the SD card with Stellar Photo Recovery software to recover photos from WiFi /Eye-fi SD memory cards, but no preview is available for any of the photos existing on the SD card, simply select an image file from the displayed list, and the preview will be available in the upper section.

Tips to Avoid Eye-fi Mobi SD Card Data Loss

Stellar Photo Recovery is a comprehensive tool to recover deleted or inaccessible photos as well as other multimedia files from all types of  SD cards, digital cameras, smartphones, and other smart devices even if they are corrupted or formatted. However, several tips can help avoiding instances of photo loss.

  • Always backup the media drive at regular intervals to avoid permanent loss of data
  • Do not interrupt the SD Card while image upload or download operation is in process
  • Scan the photo storage media with an anti-virus program to keep it healthy and bugs-free
  • Download trustworthy image editing applications from reliable resources only
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