Repair Corrupt JPEG Images with Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

People have special moments in their life, viz. birthday parties, wedding anniversary celebration, family tours, and many like occasions, which they preserve along forever. For this, they click photos and capture videos on such occasions with a digital camera, or simply with a multimedia mobile phone. However, those who are passionate about photography, like to click HD pictures and therefore, they prefer snapping with a DSLR. Such people have a collection of photos, which they keep secure even more than any other thing they have. However, no matter how careful one is about his collection of photos and other data, a data corruption/loss event may come across anytime without a prior notification.

A data disaster may strike anytime and the user may not be able to keep his personal collection of photos, videos, and other such data sheltered from feasible Internal as well as external threats. Apart from some typical scenarios that depict unintentionally or unknowingly deleted photos, people do come across a scenario that portrays corruption in photos due to random causes. For instance, unexpected pullout of SD card from camera, improper ejection of SD card from camera, virus or malware infections while transferring photos from camera to computer, or many like factors are responsible for corruption in photos and other media files.

corrupt jpeg

Corrupt JPEG Image

Well, people sometimes delete their precious photos when they get corrupt due to any of the aforementioned cause, or there could be some unknown cause of corruption as well. In contrast, some even unintentionally delete their precious photos, and they have nothing to do but to regret. However, in such a situation, one must try to recover his lost or deleted photos using a photo recovery tool.

Software Preface – Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is a smart and reliable commercial application that is able to repair corrupt photos in JPG and JPEG format. It is able to repair corrupt photos stored on a hard drive, memory card, a USB drive, or any other data storage media, irrespective to the causes of corruption. The software performs a thorough scan on the storage media and repairs corrupt JPG and JPEG images, even in batch. Besides, using this tool, users can also extract thumbnails of the images.

See how it can easily repair your JPEG files in just a few simple steps:

Jpeg Repair Win
Jpeg Repair Mac

Key Features – Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems, which possess the following abilities as the key features:

  • Able to repair corrupt JPG and JPEG format images
  • Able to repair corrupt images irrespective to the causes of corruption
  • Software has a simple and user-friendly GUI
  • Able to Extract Thumbnails of the images
  • Able to perform repair operation in batches
  • Quick and efficient repairing process
  •  Able to perform efficiently on system configuration

Operating with the Software

To repair JPEG images, user needs to click ‘Add File’ option. Since the software is able to repair multiple images simultaneously, it loads them quickly. All images listed in the window are selected by default; however, user can select/unselect multiple images. To initiate JPEG repair process, click ‘Repair’ button. After that, user can preview the repaired images before saving them. All repaired images will be saved with their original names along with the number of thumbnails repaired per image. Click ‘Save’ to save repaired JPEG images.


Even though Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software (Mac and Windows) has some limitations:

  • The software cannot repair corrupt JPEG images if they are compressed, as the images are not present in their original form.
  • It fails to repair corrupt JPEG images, in case it does not find image marker.
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