Infographic: How to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST File?

Outlook PST file is the most sought element present in the Outlook, like any other file PST is also prone to corruption and unwanted sudden non-responsive behaviour. In the coming lines take you through the information journey to manage corrupt outlook PST file effectively using easy to understand and implement methods to Repair Outlook PST File. An insight into all the key elements that become a known fact about common problems reported for PST file corruption along with an effective solution for the same. Below Infographic is designed with the core aim, to present the related information in such a manner that even a non-technical person can easily understand and use the best available solution. This Infographic is designed with such a flow of information so that anyone can understand about PST file, information captured in PST file and common reasons for PST file corruption.

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Steps to Repair PST File:

  1. Download and Install the Stellar Repair for Outlook
  2. Run and select the corrupt PST file by using Browse and Find option from ‘Select PST File for Repair ’ WindowBrowse PST File
  3. Select the PST file and click on Repair button
  4. Now the software scans the selected PST file (Time taken in the process depends on the size of PST file)
  5. After the repair process gets completed, you will see the preview of repaired PST file items.Repair PST File
  6. You can also save and load the scanned PST file by using the Save Scan & Load Scan.
  7. To save the repaired items, click on Save Repaired File, select the File format, Browse the location and click OK.Save Repaired PST file
  8. The software shows the saving process, and in the end, you will get message File to save at the desired location.

It finally seems like you got answers to all your queries related to the corrupt PST file repair methods and the reasons for corruption. Share your feedback on the article and information shared in the above infographics to make you aware of the PST file corruption and quick resolution to the problem using Stellar Repair for Outlook.        

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