How do I Repair Microsoft Outlook 365 in Windows 10?

Summary: In this blog, we have mentioned the stepwise process to repair Outlook 365 in Windows 10. We have also mentioned an Outlook Repair tool that can help you repair PST file, in case you’re encountering problems due to corruption in the Outlook data file.

How do I Repair Microsoft Outlook 365 in Windows 10?

Outlook is available as a part of Office 365 subscription, commonly called Outlook 365. Sometimes, it fails to respond, does not open, or throws errors, like ‘Failed to launch’, etc. Since MS Outlook is crucial for sending/receiving emails, we know that you want to resolve such issues as soon as possible. In this blog, we will help you by providing Outlook 365 repair options.

How to Repair Outlook 365 in Windows 10?

To resolve issues with your Outlook, you can repair the application by following the given steps:

  • Go to the Start menu, select the Settings icon or type Settings in the search bar.
Settings Option
  • Choose Apps & features. It will display a list of all the installed apps on your Windows 10 system.
Appe and Features List
  • Locate the Microsoft 365 application and right-click on it. This will display two options – Modify and Uninstall. Select the Modify option.
Microsoft 365 Application
  • When the Account Control Prompt appears, click on Yes. This opens the repair dialog box.

Note: The box displays two options to repair the Outlook 365 application: Quick Repair and Online Repair. Let’s discuss the two repair options one-by-one.

  • Use the Quick Repair option first. It is fast and doesn’t require an internet connection. It can fix common Outlook issues. After selecting this option, click on Repair. When the process is complete, it will display a notification on the screen.
Quick Repair Option
  • If you’re still having problems after Quick Repair, you can choose Online Repair option.

Important Note: Before you begin with Online Repair, save all your data and close all the Office programs. It is to be noted that you may lose Office 365 customization and settings.

Online Repair Option
  • When you click on Repair, the wizard will display a message before proceeding with the repair process. Read the message carefully and click on the Repair button again.
  • Wait for the repair process to finish. It will be like a fresh installation and may take some time, depending on your internet connection speed and severity of the issue.
Office Repair
  • When the installation is complete, restart your system.

The steps given above helps to repair Office 365 in Windows 10 and resolve issues with your application. However, sometimes, you face issues with your Outlook 365 due to corruption in the PST file. In such a case, you need to repair the corrupt PST file.

Repair Corrupt PST File Using Stellar Repair for Outlook Software

To repair a corrupt Outlook PST file, you can use an advanced PST repair tool, such as Stellar Repair for Outlook. The tool is easy-to-use and can even repair large-sized PST files in a few simple steps. The steps to repair corrupt PST file using the software are as follows:

  • Download, install, and launch Stellar Repair for Outlook. The software will auto-locate and show the list of all Outlook data files from the default location.
Stellar Repair for Outlook Main Screen
  • If you know the exact PST file location, select the Choose Location option to browse the file. Else click on Find, if the data file is not available at its default location. Then, click on Next.
Stellar Repair for Outlook Browse PST File
  • The software starts scanning the corrupt PST file. The process may take some time, depending on the PST file size and the level of corruption.
Stellar Repair for Outlook Repaired
  • Once the scan process is finished, the Repair Complete message box appears. You can see the preview of recoverable mailboxes in the left pane. When you click on them, you can preview the mailbox items in the middle pane and the content of each item in the right pane.
Stellar Repair for Outlook Preview
  • You can select specific or all the mailbox items for recovery. Then, click on Save Repaired File. There are multiple file saving options, such as PST, MSG, EML, PDF, HTML, etc. Choose the file format as PST and use the Browse option to enter the destination path to save the file. Finally, click on OK.
Stellar Repair for Outlook Choose to Save
  • When the PST file is saved, a Saving Complete confirmation message appears on the screen. Click OK.
Stellar Repair for Outlook Saving

To Wrap Up

If you’re facing issues with your Outlook 365 application, you can repair the application to resolve the issues. You can repair Outlook 365 in Windows 10 by following the steps mentioned in this post. However, if your Outlook PST file is corrupt, you can use Stellar Repair for Outlook software to repair the PST file. The software repairs the PST file and recovers all the data, with 100% integrity. This tool can also retrieve deleted mailbox items. You can download the free version of the software to evaluate its functionality.

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