How to Resolve Access 2016 Not Responding Error

As a regular user of MS Access 2016 application do you get ‘Access 2016 not responding’ error message? And, have you become frustrated as it has made things worse and is hampering your office work significantly? Also, have you tried a number of workarounds to get the error fixed but none of them worked out for you? Well, if so is the situation, it is high time that you as an Access user go for something powerful and effective to remove the error immediately.

The reason being, the more you delay, the more difficult it would be for you to get things back to normal or the way it should be. Before we delve into the best way to remove the error, let’s have a brief on the Microsoft Access 2016 application.

MS Access is not responding
Figure: Error Message

An insight into MS Access 2016 version

Microsoft Access 2016, an application in MS Office 2016 is its 11th full release, with the initial release in year 1992. Undoubtedly, the eleventh full release makes it a much-advanced version. However, it does not make it free from errors. Despite making improvements with each release, users still face issues in Access 2016, such as ‘MS Access 2016 not responding’ error messages and more. Well, such errors come up due to discrepancies in the application, such as corruption issues, mishandling, virus attack, etc. that causes Access database (ACCDB, MDB) files to become corrupt or damaged.

Whatever it is, it becomes imperative for users to get rid of all discrepancies so that their Access database usage gets effective!

Few methods to remove Access database issues

There exists a few method that users can try to remove discrepancies in MS Access application and the database files that can either be ACCDB or MDB files.

  1. Inbuilt Compact and Repair method.
  2. Import and restore the corrupt database into the new database.
  3. Turn-off the AutoCorrect feature.
  4. Run Office Diagnostics.
  5. Remove unnecessary programs.
  6. Upgrade anti-virus to the latest version.

 Manual methods Vs. Access repair software

As corrupt or damaged ACCDB or MDB file is one of the most responsible reasons for different errors that pop up while using the MS Access database application, you should avoid the manual methods and use a professional Access repair software that has the capability to repair corrupt Access database (ACCDB or MDB) files. The reason being, manual methods are associated with a number of misses as compared to hits. They comprise of the following hits and misses:


  • The only hit is they are available at zero cost.


  • The successful result is not assured.
  • Involve data loss risk.
  • The process is lengthy and thus takes time.

Best method to fix all Access errors

Amongst the several third-party software which are capable of repairing corrupt MS Access (MDB and ACCDB) files so that ‘Access 2016 not responding’ error gets fixed, users should use the best one. Therefore, make use of Stellar Repair for Access because it’s high-end user-friendly software that can repair damaged Access database files safely and securely. Moreover, it incorporates several features that are as follows:

  • Restores tables, linked tables, forms, indexes, relations, reports, queries, deleted records, modules, and macros.
  • Provides ‘Find’ feature to search for objects in the repaired database.
  • Restores forms and modules even if protected with a password.
  • Works with MS Access 2019, 2016 and older versions.
  • Works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003 & XP.
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In the end, the only say is to leverage this software as it will never break your trust in repairing the MS Access ACCDB or MDB files that became corrupt or damaged. Give it a try and see the effect it makes!

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