How to Retrieve Deleted Formatted Photos from Windows 7 Computer

It’s for sure that every digital device which has the capability to store data might be under the threat of data loss at some point of time. And, when it happens, you feel like left alone & lost. After all, the storage device is an electrical component and may fail anytime and you may lose photos, documents or other important files. It can be a computer hard drive, memory card, external storage device or any other. The big question is, how to retrieve photos after such instances?

The same is the case with the digital cameras where you capture life’s precious moments in the form of still images, videos or even recorded audios. You also want to perceive those captured sentiments at later time from the digital storage.

But, your cheerful moments sometimes turn into catastrophes. At some point of time you find that the camera or computer just don’t allow you to access those shots and videos because they are disappeared or no longer present on the memory device. The reasons can be many such as, you or your sweet baby has deleted photos accidentally, might have formatted drive without taking a backup or any other similar reasons.

Thing is that you have lost all the life’s invaluable & fortunate moments & want to get those back. And now, it doesn’t matter how difficult or costly it would be to regain your lost digital memories.

Fortunately, it is not that tough or costly as you might be considering. The unparalleled & headway Stellar Photo Recovery product are here to carry out the assignment of getting back those lost digital memories. These software products can retrieve lost or deleted photos, videos or audio files back without any great effort & regardless of the storage device in use.

Recovering deleted media files from computer

Photo Recovery

Mac system or a Windows system. So, let me explain in which conditions you can recover deleted or formatted photos:

  • You have accidentally delete photos
  • The storage device is accidentally/intentionally formatted
  • The device is inaccessible as a cause of file system corruption or failure

Stellar offers separate products to recover deleted/formatted photos and other multimedia files for both Mac & Windows systems.

Both the software supports all the major file formats of images, videos & audio data for their respective operating systems. Both are capable of recovering the files from digital cameras, hard drives, USB storage devices, memory cards & any other OS supported devices. Both supports recovery from devices of up to 2TB capacity, image creation in case of data inaccessibility & the preview of all type of files before actual recovery.

The software is available for free download from the below links:

For Mac:

For Windows:

Remember not to perform any read/write operations on the problem storage device until you successfully recover all the digital media files.

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