SanDisk Pen Drive Recovery: 4 Ways to Restore Deleted Files

Summary: Summary: Lost your crucial files from a SanDisk Pen Drive? In this blog, we've discussed the possible reasons for data loss from a pen drive/USB drive and how to recover it. For a quick and secure SanDisk pen drive data recovery, try using free data recovery software. Download the software now!

SanDisk Pen Drive Recovery: 4 Ways to Restore Deleted Files

SanDisk Pen drives are modern USB storage drives that can store and back up files, documents, photos, and more. You can easily connect this pen drive to a computer for transferring data quickly. However, like any other storage drive, these drives are also prone to data deletion. But don’t worry! You can efficiently perform the San Disk pen drive data recovery for free. Read on to know what precautions to take after deletion of data from the drive, and then try out the given DIY (do-it-yourself) methods to recover data from the pen drive.

What to do before performing SanDisk Pen Drive recovery?

Stop Using Your Drive Immediately

Once the data is lost from the USB drive, stop using it. When you delete a file, the storage device makes its space available for the new data. But, only the file pointers that indicate a file’s starting and ending point get deleted. The file remains there; in an inaccessible state, until it gets overwritten by new data. Hence, for a successful SanDisk pen drive recovery, avoid using it after data deletion.

Don’t perform any hit-and-trial method

It is advised not to perform any hit-&-trial method to recover your data from San Disk USB drive. It may cause further damage to your drive. Additionally, don’t try to repair the USB drive if it is physically damaged. Instead, refer to the drive manufacturer or contact a reliable data recovery service provider.

How to perform SanDisk Pen Drive Recovery Software?

You can recover data from SanDisk Pen Drive two ways: (I) Using data backup and (II) Using a data recovery software.

Method 1: Use Backup Utilities

If you kept a backup of your pen drive/USB drive data using any of the following utilities, you can follow the given steps mentioned against them and restore data quickly.

A. Backup & Restore (Windows 7)

It’s a Windows built-in utility that helps you get back your data in case of data loss. If you’ve used this utility to keep a backup of your pen drive data, follow the given steps:

  • Connect an external storage media (HDD or SSD) to your PC.
  • Open Control Panel and navigate to System and Security.
  • Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7) or directly click on Restore files from the backup option.
System and Security
  • Now, choose to Restore my files or Restore all users’ files and select the files you wish to recover.
Backup and restore your files
  • Afterward, click ‘Browse for files’ or ‘Browse for folder’ and click ‘Next’. 
Browse for Files or Folder
  • Finally, choose the location to store the recoverable data and click Restore.

B: Restore with File History

If you have used ‘File History,’ which is another Windows built-in backup utility, follow the given steps:

  • Open Control Panel and locate File History > Restore Personal Files. You can view the files according to the backup time.
File History
  • Select the files that you want to retrieve and click ‘Restore to,’ select the desired location to store the files.
Select Desired Location
  • Now, check if you can see the recovered files at the chosen destination.

Method 2: Use a Professional Windows Data Recovery Tool

If you have no data backup and have deleted files from SanDisk USB drives, try using a reliable data recovery software, such as Stellar Free Data Recovery. This DIY (do-it-yourself) software can efficiently recover documents, photos, videos, audio files and more, lost due to accidental deletion. To recover the deleted or lost files with this recovery software, follow the given steps:

  • Connect the USB drive to your PC.
  • Download, install, and launch Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition on the same system.
  • Select Everything or choose the type of data you want to recover from the Select What to Recover window, and click Next.
Select What to Recover
  • On the ‘Recover from’ screen, choose the pen drive from which you want to restore the files and click Scan.
Select Pen Drive Recovery
  • After the scanning process, the recoverable files will show on the screen.
  • Choose the files to restore, preview them, and once satisfied, click Recover to proceed further.
Click recover to continue
  • Browse the desired storage location and click Start-saving. (Always choose a different place or storage drive to store the recoverable files.)

Note: With the free version, you can recover data only up to 1 GB.


Whether you’ve deleted your data accidentally or intentionally, SanDisk Pen Drive recovery is possible. If you’ve taken the backup of your USB data with Backup & Restore, or File History (Windows backup utilities), you may quickly recover your files back. However, sometimes the backup could be incomplete or get corrupted. So, if you have an incomplete data backup or don’t have one at all, use a reliable data recovery software, such as the Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition software to quickly and securely recover data. This DIY software can recover any type of data from Windows PCs and storage devices.

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