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Set Scan Preferences of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery wisely to make Drive Scanning Efficient and Precise

You cannot be too much reliant on your Mac drive to keep your data sheltered. In fact, you cannot consider your Mac data secure without having its backup, as a data disaster may anytime surprise you. Since a data disaster may anytime come across, all you need to have is a commercial data recovery tool, viz. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery.

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a comprehensive solution for all types of data loss situations, e.g. missing to corrupt files, lost or corrupt volumes, and the like. This professional data recovery software follows a three-step approach for data recovery, i.e. ‘Scan’, ‘Preview’, and ‘Save’. In fact, based upon the scan preferences, this Do-it-Yourself data recovery software restores all your data intact. In reality, scan preferences play a key role in data recovery; let us discuss this option in detail.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Scan Preferences

In the software home screen, the leftmost tool on the toolbar facilitates setting scan preferences. You can also launch preferences window from ‘StellarPhoenixMacDataRecovery’ menu.

In the preferences window toolbar, ‘File List’, ‘Add Header’, ‘Filter’, and ‘Others’ are four tools.

  • ‘File List’ tool allows you to change the size of the supported file types and remove added file types.
  • ‘Add Header’ tool facilitates adding new file types before beginning to scan Mac disk.
  • ‘Filter’ tool features applying filters to include/exclude files based on certain criteria.
  • ‘Others’ tool facilitates checking for software updates and customizing search process. Well, below discussed are all the four tools in detail:

File List

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software supports a slew of file formats of photo, audio, and video under Photo Recovery option. Likewise, various file types of photos, audio, video, documents, applications, text, and more under Delete Recovery and Raw Recovery options. In order to make desired changes, click ‘Preferences > File List’, choose one Recovery type, and then select one out of Photo, Audio, and Video. After that, by selecting and deselecting the file types, you can Add/Remove individual as well as multiple files simultaneously. However, you can resize a file type only if it does not show Exact Size under the Size column. Likewise, you can change the size of the supported file types and remove added file types for Audio, Video and other files, for both Deleted Recovery and Raw Recovery options.

Add Header

The ‘Add Header’ tool in the Preferences window of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery tool facilitates adding new ‘file types’ that are to be recovered. If you do not know how to add file types, select the respective option and drag at least 10 files of same file type from your Mac drive, and then drop them to the software interface. This adds the file type it the box displayed at the right. Now, type in the header file name, choose header file type, and then choose the size of the file. Finally, click Add Header button.

Alternatively, select the second option, i.e. I know how to add new file signature, and then type in Software Name, choose Group, specify file extension, and choose Maximum file size in bytes, kilobytes (KBs), or megabytes (MBs). After that, specify Header (in hexadecimal) and At Offset (in decimal) under Header Information area, and then click Add Header button.


The ‘Filter’ tool in the Preferences window of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery tool facilitates including or excluding ‘file types’ that are to be recovered or not to be recovered.

In order to include new file types, select the ‘file types’ that are already included from the dropdown list and choose ‘Include these files only’ option. Click Add (+) button to add a specific file type and Remove (-) button to remove individual file type after selecting ‘Exclude these files only option’.

If you want to remove filter, then click Remove Filter button.


‘Others’ tool allows setting preferences for software updates and customizing the software as per your needs. For this, launch Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, click Preferences, and then click ‘Others‘ tool. To set software updates preferences, select Check for updates, and then choose one out of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Alternatively, click Check for updates button for instant check.

Since you can preview discovered files in the scan result, check show message before displaying large files for the same. To skip partitions of certain size or of smaller than that, check Hide partition size less than or equal to check box, and then choose a size in the dropdown list. Besides, check Show found photos/text files preview during scanning checkbox for the same.

By setting the scan preferences of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software, you can make drive scanning process more efficient and precise. Therefore, you are recommended to choose each option wisely, as they greatly affect scanning process and scan result.

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