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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6 – Home Edition is now more improved and features rich

Stellar unveils the next major release of Windows Data Recovery 6 with an enhanced tool-set and much improved data recovery techniques for providing high success rates. Building on its existing set of advanced features, the new version promises to provide unique capabilities for addressing data loss issues closely and efficiently. Some major enhancements include addition of a separate module for photo recovery with support for more file formats, improved scanning engine, and intuitive GUI.

The newly added photo recovery module provides a dedicated option to users for recovery of their high-quality and sensitive photos, videos, and music files. It supports a comprehensive list of image, audio, and video file formats with an option to add new user-defined formats for photo recovery. The software now incorporates an optimized engine for NTFS, FAT, and exFAT to perform faster scanning and subsequently reduce the recovery time. It does a unique classification of scanned data in three different types of file trees i.e. ‘Classic Tree’, ‘File Type List’, and ‘Filtered Tree’. The ‘Classic Tree’ displays files in the form of Windows directory structure, ‘File Type List’ organizes scanned files in various categories and subcategories, and ‘Filtered Tree’ masks files based on a predefined criteria.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery incorporates the following enhancements over the previous version:

  • New user interface with an advanced scanning engine
  • Added module to perform lost or deleted photo recovery
  • Support for disks of capacity 2 TB or more
  • Auto-detection of removable media on the fly
  • Classification of scanned data –Classic List, File Type List, and Filtered List

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6 Home has been specially designed to provide a robust tool-set to the users for dealing with complex data recovery situations. It provides a quick, cost-effective, and efficient solution to safeguard your critical Windows data in any event of data disaster or catastrophe.

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