Stellar releases the upgraded version of Access database repair 5.5 (July 2016)

Stellar Data Recovery, the pioneer in the field of data recovery software and services, has launched the upgraded version of Stellar Repair for Access 5.5. The recent update has made the software robust, more feature-rich, and capable.

For database users, Microsoft Access is a small wonder among all the databases. In addition to a graphical user interface, Microsoft has combined the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine and software-development tools in Access to accommodate as many features as possible for the users. MS Access enables storing data in its own format as well as imports the data or links the data saved in other databases or applications. The feature-richness and user-friendliness of MS Access have made it the first choice for many software developers and data architects to develop application software.

However, in spite of such great aspects of MS Access, at times, there have been cases of Access database corruption or damage leading to severe data loss. Such corruption or damage in MS Access occur due a variety of reasons, such as MS Access file header corruption, file system disaster, virus or other malicious software, and write operation abort, etc. The bad aspect of Access database corruption is that you cannot make use of the information saved therein. The file becomes completely unusable.

Stellar Repair for Access 5.5 is an adroit tool that repairs the corruption or damages in the Access database file to bring it to its original usable state.

Key Features – Stellar Repair for Access 5.5

  • Repairs corrupt MS Access MDB or ACCDB database files
  • Restores damaged Tables, Linked Tables, Queries, Relations, Indexes, Calculated Data Type,
  • Retrieves password-protected forms and modules
  • Recovers all deleted records to a new database
  • Enables selecting corrupt database files from your PC
  • Recovers the texts and data Filled with other Languages
  • Shows Preview of the repaired Access database after Scanning
  • Finds fixed database items in the Scan Tree
  • Supports MS Access 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003/ 2002/ 2000
  • Compatible with MS Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP

The software is available as a free demo download also. Using the demo download, you can thoroughly scan the damaged database file and preview the repaired database components. The demo version is helpful for all those who wish to test the product or who have a damaged database and are in doubt whether they will be successful in repairing the product with Stellar Repair for Access.

You can read the detailed information on the product page and download the free demo version. If wish to save the repaired Access database components, you need to register the product.

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