Stellar Takes a Big Leap Forward with Its Upgraded Drive ToolBox for Mac

Stellar has made a big move aiming at further easing the task of maintenance for a Mac user. It has launched its upgraded Drive ToolBox for Mac. The new software intends to build on the existing capabilities of its predecessor.  A range of UI enhancements have been included to make each module more comprehensible than before.

Stellar Drive ToolBox now has the functionality to wipe multiple drives or multiple files and folders at once. You can wipe files directly from your system by accessing ‘Services’ in Finder. The ‘Partition Manager’ module has been optimized to allow partitioning for FAT-based drives, adding to its usability and making the software more scalable.

You can now see your drive as a group of memory blocks in the ‘Drive Defrag’ module. Each block represents a file and the color of the block indicates the amount of fragmentation that has occurred in the respective drive region. You can choose to send automatic email notification after completing a task. The current temperature of your drive is shown by the reading on the temperature scale in the left-most pane.

The ‘Drive Clone’ module of the tool has some key improvements, such as support for MBR (Master Boot Record) partition scheme and ExFAT file system. You can clone your NTFS-based drive to ExFAT drive in Lion. The ‘Drive Performance’ module contains two new buttons: ‘Save Result’ and ‘Email Report’, using which you can either save the performance results to your system or send them via email.

Stellar Drive ToolBox software, in its new avatar, is a Mac user’s best friend, as it minimizes considerable effort and saves time. The software narrows your choices and helps you do away with all of the common Mac system issues with ease.

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