Stellar Unveils Stellar virtual Machine Data Recovery 1.0

System virtualization is a very inherent need for technology seekers and numerous small and medium scale organizations across the globe. Many user build virtual machines on their existing system to carry out functions and operations ,which are otherwise seems not possible with the existing hardware and software. There are several system virtualization software available in the market, some of the most widely used ones are offered by VMware, ORACLE, and Microsoft.

No doubt, these virtualization software have their own set of usefulness, at times, there occur many cases of unexpected or unintentional, or even intentional data loss from these virtual drives. Sometimes, the issue arises due to application failure and other times the issue can be different, which range from deletion of data, formatting of the virtual drive, deletion of the virtual volume.

Keeping in view the variety of issues and difficulties individuals and organizations face after the virtual machine data loss, Stellar Data Recovery has come up with the most advanced solution available so far to recover almost every instance of lost data from your emulated machine. Stellar Recovery for Virtual Machine is the latest offering from Stellar that is being welcomed by numerous users as a definitive solution for virtual machine data recovery.

Features – Stellar Recovery for Virtual Machine
Recovers lost data from virtual machines emulated using major applications providers – VMware, ORACLE, and Microsoft.

  • Supports .vmdk, .vdi and .vhd virtual image files.
  • Supports the following file types in for the image:
  1. VMware Virtual Machine File Types – ‘Monolith Flat’, ‘Monolithic Sparse’, ‘Two GB Max Extent Flat’, and ‘Two GB Max Extent Sparse’ file types
  2. ORACLE VirtualBox File Types – ‘Static’ and ‘Dynamic’
  3. Windows VirtualPC File Types – ‘Fixed’ and ‘Dynamic’
  • Supports recovery of virtual drive volumes created on any system running on Windows and Linux operating system.
  • Recovers data lost due to corruption, formatting or deletion of virtual volume or disk on virtual machine.
  • Enables saving the scan result of the virtual machine drive and resume recovery from this image.

You can download the free demo version of the software from the product download link. The free version of the software is ideal for valuation of the features and functionalities of the software. It enables you to scan the virtual drive and lists all the recovered data in the left pane of the software interface. To save the recovered data you need to register the product.

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