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The New System Monitoring Software by Stellar Rules out Unexpected Disks Failures and Data Loss

Stellar releases its first safety-oriented hard disk monitoring software for Mac users; ‘Stellar Drive Monitor‘. The software incorporates a slew of features committed to warning you in time about the possible disk failures that could wipe away your years’ worth of precious information. The competent tool supports continuous disk I/O error monitoring, temperature measurements, and SMART status.  drive-monitorAlbeit the new generation of hard disks promises more stability, they are neither immune to failures nor data loss. Thus, it is incumbent on every user to constantly monitor the internal hard disk of his Mac. Stellar Drive Monitor keeps a check on your hard disk to make sure it ensures a smooth and error-free operation. It provides all statistical information about your hard disk along with its overall status at any given point in time. If the software senses a problem with the disk (such as high disk temperature, inconsistent SMART attributes), it immediately sends a warning signal that shows up on your desktop.

Key Features of Stellar Drive Monitor

  • Displays SMART attributes and the overall health status of the hard disk
  • Performs ‘Surface Scan’ to identify bad sectors on the hard disk
  • Calculates performance of the hard disk based on user-specified test criteria
  • Gives warning messages if current disk temperature exceeds its threshold limit
  • Save detailed information about the disk as ‘.txt’ file in the system

Stellar Drive Monitor verifies a range of disk monitoring parameters to keep you notified of the slightest change in the hard disk’s health. It can also act as a disk performance analysis tool to help you predict the behaviour of your disk with different data inputs or disk I/O methods.

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