Three Scenarios to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

Summary: As an administrator with any organization have you encountered a corrupt SQL Server database? If so is the situation, it becomes a dire need for you to repair the damaged MDF and NDF files of the Microsoft SQL Server. However, repairing corrupt SQL database file is not as easy and can be hard, or impossible. In this blog, you will get to know about the three scenarios to repair a corrupt SQL database that has caused data loss scenarios. Also, you will learn about the best SQL recovery tool to fix database corruption.

Three Scenarios to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

Bringing SQL database (MDF) file data back

As you have somehow experienced data loss issues because of the damaged SQL database it has become imperative to bring all the lost data back with MS SQL database repair. Know how you can do so here in the below sections:

The three scenarios are as follows:

a) Easy:

  1. Full backup of the server database is present with you.

Solution: In this scenario, you can restore the full database backup to get the data back.

b) Hard:

  1. Full backup of the server database is present with you.
  2. The SQL database cannot be made offline.

SolutionUse the full database backup to first export the data and then import it into the production database.

c) Impossible:

  1. A full database backup exists, but it does not contain the lost or inaccessible data.
  2. The SQL Server database cannot be taken offline.

Solution: Use professional software for MS SQL database repair

It becomes almost impossible to recover SQL Server’s lost data because a full database backup is not present and that the database cannot be taken offline. In such a scenario, the best way to repair the damaged SQL’s MDF file is the use of third-party software. This is because the manual methods that exist that can be used to repair corrupt SQL Server database.

Best software to repair damaged SQL database

Well, the most difficult thing for the database administrators is the selection of Best SQL recovery software that can be used to repair the SQL database that is in a damaged state. In such a situation, it is suggested that you use Stellar Repair for MS SQL, a software that can fix almost every occurring error.

It can recover several objects from MDF and NDF file of the SQL database. Also, this SQL recovery software is embedded with the highest level of non-destructive repair algorithm to preserve database integrity.

MVP and SQL DBA’s Review 

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The other reasons why it has been suggested to use this software are as follows:

  • Repairs SQL Server database MDF file that is in a corrupt state.
  • Recovers objects that can be tables, triggers, rules, indexes, keys, defaults, etc.
  • Permits search and recovery of particular database objects.
  • Accomplishes recovery of Deleted Records from MS SQL database.
  • Scan result of SQL database file is saved automatically.
  • Permits to save the repaired file in widely used file formats, such as in SQL Server database (MDF), XLS, HTML & CSV.
  • Compatible with MS SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and older versions.


Despite being one of the most popular and widely used server databases, Microsoft’s SQL Server can become damaged at any given point in time. The simple reason being, it is not immune to corruption concerns. Therefore, use Stellar Repair for MS SQL by Stellar Data Recovery that is embedded with a number of benefits to combat the corruption issues in Microsoft’s SQL Server database. Repair corrupt SQL database once with this easy-to-use software and you will use it every time owing to its high-end characteristics!

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