Top Ten Features of macOS Mojave

On 4 June, Apple at its WWDC 2018 announced the name of the next version of its operating system macOS Mojave 10.14. The public beta became available for use on 26 June, just a day after the launch of iOS 12 beta. The final version of the software will arrive sometime in September or October 2018 Reference:

The previous version, macOS High Sierra 10.13, was more of a performance update. Several features expected in macOS Mojave such as iOS apps compatibility with the Mac OS or full touch-screen support were excluded in the release, but the introduced features are welcome. Let us explore the 10 best things about Mojave.

Dark Mode – Inspired by Desert at Night

The most impressive feature of the new macOS is the Dark mode. It darkens the system elements like the Dock, menu bar, Finder window, toolbars – this makes everything stand out. The lovely fresh look of macOS makes your reading easy, colors in the image pop. You can find this feature in Preference > General. While other apps got a lot darker like Notes.

Stacks for Messy Desktops

This feature of macOS Mojave is for those cluttered desktops spread with scattered icons. Stacks group together all the files that make sense together like all the documents in one stack. If you click on a stack, it will display component icons and scribing across it flips through the containing icons. Stacks can also be arranged using keyword tags. Before the release of Mojave, desktops used to be a mess and accidental deletion of files was common. In such cases, use of a reliable data recovery tool is recommended. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is compatible with macOS Catalina, Mojave and it is the best choice to recover the lost data. The software is APFS compatible and a newer version of the software is expected to be released sometime this fall that will be macOS Mojave compatible.

Refuelled Screenshot and Video Capture

Mac always had better screenshot capability than the counterpart Windows until the release of Windows 10, but with Mojave, Mac has gone a step further. Mojave’s turbocharged screenshot allows you to create an area for video recording. Sharing your screen capture has also become comfortable with Mojave.

iOS Stock Apps Included

Although the whole app store was not included in the macOS Mojave, some of the popular apps made their way into the new OS. You can now access Voice Memos, a top-rated app in iOS, from macOS Mojave. The new Home app allows you to control Homekit-enabled devices such as thermostats, smart lightbulb, and door locks in Mac.

A more Powerful Finder

Using the Finder, you can now skim files in the Gallery View; preview pane shows all the relevant file metadata. The Quick Look View allows you to crop and rotate images, create PDFs, and run custom scripts. The Finder has commenting capability and markup tools. All these features make the Finder even more powerful.

Continuity Camera

The Take Photo menu option can request a photo from an iPhone. As Craig Federighi demonstrated at the WWDC, the new capability of the camera app-enabled him to insert his picture into a space-mask.

Heightened Privacy for Safari

At a time when privacy is paramount, Safari in Mojave includes a new tracking protection feature. This feature will restrict websites from tracking you and make all Mac users appear identical. It will hide your digital footprint making it very difficult for sites to track you.

Updated Mac App Store

With the release of iOS 11, Apple redesigned its app store for the phone’s operating system and did the same in Mojave for Mac users. The updated Mac App Store now has tabs such as Create, Discover, Play, Develop, Work, Updates, and Categories. Microsoft Office 365 will also be included in the App Store later this year.

iOS Apps on Mac

With Mojave, Apple dispelled merging iOS and macOS; however, Federighi confirmed that they were working on the framework to make the iOS compatible with macOS. Instead, with macOS Mojave, some apps like News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Recorder have become available for usage in Macs.

Group FaceTime

FaceTime has also had a makeover with the capability of 32 people to talk at once using the FaceTime call.


macOS Mojave has terrific features that make the OS beautiful at the same time purposeful. Some of the prominent features of macOS are the Dark mode, Stack, Group FaceTime, the new Finder, and much more. The blog explains in detail the top 10 features of macOS Mojave. Stay tuned for Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional updates for macOS Mojave.

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