How to transfer mails and contacts from AppleMail to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 or 2010

Mac and Windows have their own features and advantages and are completely different from each other. If a person switches between these two, he would require transferring all his data and files. This transfer would require him to convert the formats and file types as both these systems do not support each other’s formats.

While there are several manual and automated methods to convert a Mac-supporting format like Apple Mail to a Windows-supporting format like Outlook, the real issue is of converting contacts. To export contacts, you need to convert the list of contacts as a .VCF file. That vCard file can be saved anywhere and could be used as a backup of you contacts also, just like an online backup service.

Conversion methods (Manual):

There are two methods to convert your contacts to Outlook from Apple mail, through VCF or through CSV file. The most easy and preferred technique is through VCF file.

Method 1: Through VCF file

To import your contacts to Outlook, you need to convert them to VCF file first. For that you can follow the below listed steps and then export the VCF file to Outlook:

  1. On you Mac PC, Go to contacts or address book and open it.
  2. If you don’t want to export the whole address book, select the contacts you want you export.
  3. Open the contact menu -> file -> Export -> Export vCard.
  4. Type a name for them and select the location where you want to save it.
  5. Your contacts have been saved in vCard format.

Now you can Import this VCF files and your contacts will be accessible in MS Outlook.

Method 2: Through CSV file

Follow each step given below and convert Apple Mail contacts to Outlook by using the common CSV format.

  1. Open Application
  2. Select Contacts and open it.
  3. Double click on contact folder which you want to export in Outlook, for example Facebook contacts or LinkedIn contacts.
  4. Extract your contact list (from right).
  5. Select all contacts and copy them.
  6. Open the spreadsheet/excel.
  7. Starting from left corner cell, paste selected contacts in the sheet.
  8. Click on file menu -> Export -> select .CSV format.
  9. As the new window appears, click on Next.
  10. Select location where you want to save it.

After you have saved the file, all your contacts will be saved in CSV format and you can export that to Outlook.

Conversion Method (Automated)

Apple Mail saves all the email messages in MBOX file format, whereas Windows Outlook saves all its mailbox data in PST format. So, whenever a user needs to import data from Mac Mail to Outlook, he requires converting all data from MBOX to PST format. As themanual conversion is time consuming, it is better to opt for a simple, reliable, and result-oriented solution named Stellar Converter for MBOX.

Some of the key reasons why this tool can help you out in this situation include:

  • It can convert single or multiple MBOX files to PST in one go
  • It comes equipped with an interactive GUI
  • Allows you to preview converted items before saving

You can perform MBOX to PST conversion using this tool as follows:

Free Download
  1. Download, install, and launch the software
  2. From the home screen of the interface, select the source mail client to be converted
  3. Click on ‘Select File’ to convert a single MBOX file. If you wish to convert multiple MBOX files in a folder, then click on ‘Select Identity Folder’
  4. Once the file(s) have been selected, click on ‘Convert’ to initiate the scanning process
  5. After the scan finishes, all convertible MBOX items will be displayed in a tree-view list in the software’s left hand panel. From here, you can click on any item to preview it in the right hand panel
  6. Once satisfied with preview, you can save the converted file by clicking on the ‘Save’ option from the main menu
  7. You will have the option to select among these output formats: new PST, existing PST, EML, MSG. Select an output format and click on ‘Next’

After the mailbox has been converted to PST format, you can view the converted Contacts easily in Outlook.

Wrapping it up

Conversion of contacts is the trickiest part of exporting Apple mailbox data to Outlook. As Windows and Mac operate in completely different environments, it’s difficult to switch between them. When you require doing this, always go for simplest methods instead of getting yourself into any trouble. Exporting contacts through VCF file is the easiest way to do this but people are more used to with CSVs so they prefer going for CSV file method. But if you want to avoid using any separate method to convert contacts, you can convert them with emails and other items using an automated application.

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