Unable to Open Recovered JPEG Files? Here is the Solution to Fix it

Summary:  This post says how to repair JPEG file which has been recovered with the help of third-party applications. The software repairs the JPEG file while maintaining the integrity of photos and keeping it intact. It extracts the thumbnails of the image and performs read-only repair operation on the image. Not even a single pixel of the image is compromised, and the image appears accurately consistent after the repair procedure is accomplished.

Images facilitate communication as it allows people to express what is important to them. The role of JPEG files is inevitably important and can be estimated by the fact that if you ask people what they would like to rescue from their burning house, their answer would probably be their priceless photos.

Images facilitate communication as it allows people to express what is important to them. The role of JPEG files is inevitably important and can be estimated by the fact that if you ask people what they would like to rescue from their burning house, their answer would probably be their priceless photos.

The impulse to save images in all situations reveals the role of these priceless memories in our lives. So, the memories that cannot be created are important to store securely. Since JPEG is the best resource or medium to save digital images securely and efficiently, there are times when this file turns corrupt, and the images become inaccessible.

However, it is possible to repair JPEG file with the help of third-party applications. These tools recover digital image files from almost all storage devices including internal and external media. Photos taken from digital cameras of all major brands and smartphones can be recovered successfully in a few clicks.

Identify Symptoms that Confirms Image Corruption

Let’s first identify some of the common symptoms that show that the image is corrupt, or it is on the verge of turning corrupt:

  • The image appears in two sections where both the sections are from different images.
  • The colors may appear either faded, brighter than usual, or extra dark in the image.
  • The image will not get displayed appropriately, and you will notice a pixelated version of the image.
  • Image splits into two or more parts and appears shredded or blurred.
  • You will notice some shift in the image or its structure.

What Makes Image Files Inaccessible after Recovery

Sometimes, after recovering images with the help of the data recovery software, it becomes difficult to open the recovered jpeg files at all as they turn inaccessible. That is, when you click on an image to access it in image viewer applications, it will not open the recovered jpeg files. In fact, there are some reasons that contributes to recovered jpeg files corrupt behavior and this includes:

  • Image is partially overwritten before the instance of recovery, and you only notice it after the recovery process is accomplished.
  • In major cases, if you recover JPEG file using an unreliable recovery application, it may turn inaccessible.

So, it can be calculated that sometimes, inefficiency of the image recovery tools can be a potential reason behind the cause due to which it becomes difficult to access an image.

How to Recover JPEG Files for the Best Output

To prevent the image file from turning inaccessible, it is highly recommended to make use of a reliable photo recovery application such as Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software. The tool helps recover images from all kinds of difficult situations, be it accidental deletion, corruption, virus intrusion, or any other cause.

The tool retrieves images from all internal and external storage devices that include digital cameras, tablets, smartphones and other photo storage media. ExFAT, NTFS and FAT32 file systems are well supported to execute the recovery. Data from corrupted, damaged or inaccessible memory card can be retrieved.

Photo storage devices that are compatible to perform recovery using the professional tool are flash cards, various categories of SD Cards including SDHC, SDXC, mini and micro cards, smart media cards, MMC and CF cards. Digital cameras from which corrupt or deleted images can be retrieved are Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, Epson, Fujifilm, Sigma, Pentax, Olympus, Sigma, and other well-known brands.

In addition to this, the software allows you create an image of the storage device that helps reinstate data in further instance of corruption. The image of the storage media acts as a backup of the original photo storage devices and helps restore maximum images during failure or when required.

Tips & Measures to Prevent JPEG Corruption

Since it is possible to get the exact image after performing a JPEG repair operation, yet there are some tips and measures that can help image files from becoming corrupt. It is recommended:

  • Not to use a single memory card on multiple devices as it affects the header of the SD card and leads to image loss.
  • Make use of memory or SD card reader device to connect to your desktop or laptop for executing file transfer procedure.
  • Do not eject the memory card inappropriately from your computer, laptop or other devices; follow correct ejection procedures.
  • Always download images and other data from trusted resources to avoid corruption and virus intrusion.
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  • I recovered and opened my jpeg files successfully but had fines lines over the pictures. First, I tried to open in other photo viewer tool, but the result was same as before. Stellar JPEG Repair software repairs my corrupted photos.

  • Awesome, thanks for the help! I usually open my jpeg files by software but some were corrupted and I tried to recover them, but when they didn't want to open I thought the recovery didn't work, and now everything is fine thanks to your trick :)

  • Jyoti,
    Photos are opening, but the preview was not clear. To fix this problem, I downloaded the JPEG repair software. It helped me to repair the photos.​

  • Encountered error "“Unknown JPEG Format error “ after trying to open my JPEG files when I transferred photos from android to PC. Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair helped me to restore my corrupt files.

  • How long does the repair process take? I have selected on file to repair and message states "Repairing file 1 of 1 and the status bar shows 100% completed. I have left it like this for over 30 minutes and have not received any sort of completed message. The only option I have is to "Stop" which aborts the process. It appears to be stuck. Any suggestions, as I have tried it several times now with different image files? -Thank you

    • Is the issue you are facing with one particular file? I will suggest you to once uninstall the software and again reinstall it. If again the issue persists with one particular file then you may send us the JPEG/JPG file at sumona.chatterjee@stellarinfo.com

    • Hello Kjara,

      As you are getting invalid file message so your file is severely corrupted and unfortunately it cannot be repaired.

    • Hello Gurpaze,

      Sorry to hear your problem.

      It might be due to the corruption of images and Videos files. Can you please inform which Stellar Data Recovery software you used?

  • My computer was infected by ransomware (help2015@mail) I tried your trial, but am unable to open any images?

  • User accidently deleted all files on an external hard drive. I restored files to that hard drive from a backup, but then realized that a few hundred jpg files originally on the drive were not included in the backup/recovery data I used. I took the drive to a data recovery company, and they recovered the missing files, but they do no open in either Windows Photo Viewer or in Photoshop. I downloaded Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software, copied ten of the recovered but un-openable jpg files to my system drive, and ran the repair tool. None of the files have an preview available after the repair shows "done." Any suggestions?

    • Hello Joy,

      Thank you for contacting Stellar Data Recovery.

      Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software repairs in the same manner. If no preview is available in the software then files do not contain thumbnail or full image and repairing is not possible.

  • i have recovered my images but while i am opening image i am getting like (img1.jpg we cant open this file) . these pictures are very important to me .so please tell me any solution.

    • Hello Sravani,

      It seems that your images are corrupted. Please try to run the demo version of Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software try to see the corrupted image in the preview section.