What’s New in Stellar Data Recovery Professional v9?

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows v9 is an advanced version that brings forth additional features as well as innovation in the UI/UX of the existing software. In this blog, we’ll discuss the new features brought by this latest version.

New Features of Stellar Data Recovery Professional Version 9.0

1. Encrypted Drive Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows Version 9 now supports the recovery of data from BitLocker encrypted storage drive. To scan and recover data from the encrypted drive, you need the BitLocker password which is mandatory for data recovery. Once you enter the password, the drive is unlocked. You can then perform the data recovery as usual by using the software.

2. Recovery from Crashed PC

The 9th version of the software allows you to recover data from a crashed operating system or computer. It has an option to Create Recovery Drive, which is available at the bottom-left corner of the interface or in the More Tools menu. Connect a USB Drive to a working system to create a recovery drive and then use this bootable drive to recover data from a crashed computer. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows runs directly from the bootable medium.

Get to know more about Stellar Data Recovery in this video

Notable Changes in the Software Interface

1. Simplified Recovery

The new version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows software now directly opens the “Select What To Recover” screen instead of a launcher to access the Recover Data module. The direct access has simplified the recovery process by launching the recovery screen directly.

2. More Tools Menu

This new version of the software lists advanced modules in the “More Tools” menu that can be accessed from the top right corner, as and when required. The menu itemizes “Create Recovery Drive”, “Monitor Drive”, and “Compare Editions”. Select the required option to perform the corresponding task.

More Tools - SDR Pro

3. Compare Editions

Now you can compare various available editions of the software by using the “Compare Editions” feature. When you select it from the More Tools menu, a webpage opens with a quick comparison of various editions of the software. It will help you decide which edition to activate, based on your requirements.

4. Extensive Search

The “Can’t Find Drive” screen now has an “Extensive Search” toggle switch for searching lost partitions thoroughly. Also, the “Can’t Find Drive” option can be accessed from the connected drives section or from the bottom left corner of the “Recover From” screen.

5. Upgrade Software

You can upgrade the installed software to a higher edition easily by using the Settings icon. Also, based on the activation key, the software converts itself from the demo version to any edition (Standard, Professional, Premium, Technician, or Toolkit). In case you face any issue in activating the software, you can always use “Offline Activation” in the Advanced Settings tab.

6. Update Wizard

If the software’s license validity is for Lifetime, you can download minor updates, as and when available. But, if the license validity is subscription-based, you can download major as well as minor updates as per availability during the subscription period.


Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows Version 9 is a powerful tool that recovers all types of data from any storage device. This new version allows you to:

  • Recover data from BitLocker encrypted storage drive
  • Recover data from a crashed computer by using Bootable Recovery Drive

The new, enriched UI has made the User Experience (UX) much more effective. It now has enhanced the activation, upgrade, and update process for the ease of users.

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