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Updated on October 14th, 2021

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Microsoft regularly releases security and other updates for Windows as well as other software to provide its users a better service experience. Recently, it launched an optional cumulative update – KB4532695 for Windows 10. However, users are reporting a variety of issues after this update. According to users’ comment posted on various tech forums, the update is causing issues like Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error, slow boot times, boot up failure, Wi-Fi connectivity error, disabled audio drivers etc.

Primary Issues Associated with Windows 10 KB4532695 Update

Microsoft released Windows 10 KB4532695 to target general bug fixes for “Windows 10 November Update and May 2019 Update.” It tried to address issues with the previous updates like Search and Explorer, breaking core elements of File Explorer (FS) including file search, file transfers, etc. However, it comes with its own issues and now engendering trouble for the users. Following are some of the most common issues that users are facing after installing this update:

1: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Error

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error occurs when Windows face some issues due to corrupt drivers or faulty updates. However, a lot of Windows 10 users after this latest update have reported this error message at various technology forums.

“I have also lost my TPM Driver and now BitLocker is not working and I am constantly getting BSOD (Memory Management). Not expecting anything better from MS though.”


“I’m getting the BSOD after installing the update, I’ve had a different code every time…got the BSOD about 15 times since updating last night.”


When such situations occur, what happens to your data? Due to this error, you’re not able to access your data on the system. However, the retrieval of data is possible with an efficient data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery, which lets you recover your important data from a non- bootable PC. Get the software now.

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2: Boot-Up Failure/Slow Boot Times

The users are also reporting boot up failure issues, apart from BSOD errors. Also, many users reported encountering slow boot times.

“Installed this in an Intel NUC8i3BEH and encountered very slow boot times. Windows would get stuck at a splash or welcome screen for around 5 minutes. I uninstalled this update and reinstalled twice, with the same results.” – Source

Bootup error forum issue screenshot

“As soon as I got the latest update, I keep going in these boot cycles… Just endless, telling me an error had been found… Then when Windows boots up, it eventually crashes. I’ve reinstalled Windows from an ISO image, the same problems. I’ve restored from a backup from three weeks ago, the same problems. I’ve come to realize that this new update is a huge trouble. This is crazy!”


3: Network Error (Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth)

Windows 10 KB4532695 update is knocking down network adapters of different brands. It is affecting both wired and wireless internet connections. Users reported that the performance of their Wi-Fi connection has slowed down after the update.

network error forum issue screenshot

“Thank you for the update MS Windows developer teams. Thank god I decided to update it on the weekends to later realize that my either internal or external WiFi adapters STOPPED working. That’s on a laptop without Ethernet. You cannot roll back the update, Troubleshoot app cannot help (it is useless in 90% of cases), Network reset function couldn’t resolve the issue as well.”


4: Issues with Audio Drivers

This optional update appears to be affecting the audio drivers. According to some users, it is conflicting with the sound card software or has disabled the audio devices. The users have reported several problems stating:

Audi driver forum issue screenshot

“I AGREE!! Installed update and Sound went bonkers. Multiple devices installed by update in Bluetooth. In addition My PDF Software ceased to function from MS Office 365. Menu creation broken. Am getting sick and tired of MS fouling up my computer through updates. Am to the point where I do not need these issues.”


Your Data Is At Stake! What Would You Do?

Windows 10 KB4532695 is causing different issues – be it a BSODs error, boot up failure, sound problems or disabled audio drivers. All of these situations could lead to data loss. In case of BSOD error or boot up failure, you need to repair or reinstall Windows, which will overwrite the existing data or format it.

So, what would you do to save your precious data from being lost when such errors occur?     

It is as easy as a pie! You can opt for a hassle-free approach by using a powerful and easy-to-use data recovery tool such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows to recover your important files and documents from the affected system.

Recover Data with Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows comes with a bootable recovery drive option that lets you Create Recovery Drive to restore data even from a crashed, formatted or a non-bootable Windows PC. To recover data by using the software, follow the instructions in this knowledge article.

The demo version of the software is available for free to download. However, you will need to Activate the software to save the recovered files, documents and other data. After retrieving the data, you can apply the troubleshooting methods for BSODs, system won’t boot, slow boot times, and other errors.

Wrapping Up

System crashes and BSODs are some of the errors that users are experiencing after the Windows 10 KB4532695 update. Also, users are also experiencing slow boot times, non-functional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or audio errors. Some users reported that they are unable to power on their system after installing this update while some are facing problems with BitLocker and drivers.

However, you can try uninstalling this optional update, which might bring things back to normal if the problem is with Wi-Fi, slow boot times, audio/sound drivers. In the case of a Windows crash, boot up failure or BSOD error, you are unable to access your system and prone to losing your precious data. In such a case, you can use an easy-to-use yet powerful data recovery tool such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows to retrieve data from the affected system.

Feel free to write down your queries below. Stay tuned for more information!

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