• Stellar Phoenix Novell Data Recovery (NSS)

Stellar Phoenix Novell Data Recovery (NSS)

Recovers all your lost, deleted or formatted Novell data from NSS file system based volumes

This NSS file recovery software efficiently recovers lost data from any NSS file system based hard disk, pool, or volume. The software does not necessarily require a Novell system and carries out the recovery process installed on a Windows PC.

  • Supports recovery from Novell NetWare 6.5 and 6.0
  • Recovers data from Multi-Disk Drive including IDE, EIDE, and SCSI
  • Runs on Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT, and ME
  • Easy-to-use recovery options with rich graphical user interface

    Included Free Utilities:

  • Imaging – Creates images of the selected pool or the entire hard disk
  • Cloning – Makes an exact replica of the hard drive
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Key Features
The software is powerful enough to recover data from unmountable hard disk or corrupt volume of crashed Novell Server. Some of the prominent features of this useful software are as below:
NSS File Recovery icon

NSS File Recovery

The utility is able to recover all your precious data, which is lost due to deletion or corruption/formatting of the drive. This immensely powerful software recovers data from any critical instance of data loss, including corrupt/missing/segmented volumes, partition loss, allocation errors etc.

 Recovery from Hard Disk, Pool, and Volume icon

Recovery from Hard Disk, Pool, and Volume

Stellar Phoenix Novell Data Recovery (NSS) is an immensely useful utility to help you recover your lost or inaccessible data from any selected NSS file system based hard disk, pool, or volume. You can recover lost data from any desired volume or pool specifically, without the need of scanning the entire disk.

'Mask' Option to Narrow Scan Result icon

'Mask' Option to Narrow Scan Result

This NetWare volume recovery software provides an interesting option, 'Mask' that allows you to apply masks on the scan result and narrow down the broader scan result. The option helps in effective recovery of only the required files types by creating a new scan result from the existing tree.

'Find' Option to Search Required Files icon

'Find' Option to Search Required Files

The 'Find' option of the software facilitates searching the needed files from a huge list of recoverable files, shown in the scan result. With this useful option, after completion of the scanning process, you can go for recovering only the specific file types by finding them from the huge pool of files.

'Filter' Option Helps Selective Recovery icon

'Filter' Option Helps Selective Recovery

With the 'Filter' option of this NSS file recovery software, you are able to select and save the needed files based on their extensions. While recovering selected folders, this option allows you to apply filters that save only those files in the folder, which have the matching file extensions.

 Resume Recovery icon

Resume Recovery

'Resume Recovery' is a wonderful recovery option in the software that allows you to resume the recovery of your lost data at any time in future. The software provides options to save scan information as well as image of any selected hard disk or pool and facilitates recovering data from them.

 Save Recovered Files to Any Location icon

Save Recovered Files to Any Location

Stellar NSS Data Recovery gives you the freedom of saving the recovered data in any of your desired locations. The software allows storing the recovered files onto the local hard disk or any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server. Note that while choosing a FTP Server, you need to provide Server Name/IP Address, Username and Password.

 Cloning icon


The software provides a useful option to create an exact replica of your Novell hard disk, which can help restoring precious data lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection or anything similar. In addition, having the cloned copy of your hard disk, you can continue your on-going important works, in case of sudden disk failure.

Imaging  icon


With the 'Create Image' option of this NetWare volume recovery software, you can create and save the image of the selected pool or the entire hard drive. In any instance of file deletion, volume corruption, or formatting of the media, the previously saved image file (img) can be used to perform the 'Resume Recovery' operation.



Please follow the below procedure to recover data from the NSS Pools :

Go to 'Drive' menu and then select the option 'Advance Search for NSS Pools'.

A dialog would appear Press Yes, and another dialog box would appear.

Select the disk from which you need to recover pools. and press 'OK' the software would scan the drive to locate the volumes and would give you a list of the pools it finds.

Further you can select the pool to locate the volume and recover the data from the found pool.

To save the scan information, go to 'Tools' menu in the program and select 'Save Scan Information' option and select the destination folder to save the '.dat' file (make sure do not save the file on the same drive from which you want to recover the data). Once you saved the scanned information you can open the same by going to 'Drives' menu in the program and selecting 'Open Drive Using Scan Information' option and try to recover the lost files (make sure do not make any hardware changes on your system after saving the scan information).


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