Recovers Lost Data from HTFS and EAFS File System based SCO OpenServer

Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer Data Recovery Software incorporates many powerful techniques to recover all your lost, deleted or formatted UNIX data from any HTFS or EAFS file system based volume.

  • Recovers lost files, folders, and directories irrespective of the data loss situation

  • Recovers data from HDDs with different interfaces, such as SCSI, SATA, & EIDE
  • Graphical user interfaces with detail instructions for easy recovery
  • Helps creating images of selected hard drive, volume or specified region
  • Cloning – Creates an exact replica of the selected hard drive
  • Drive Status - Helps monitoring various parameters of the hard drive and warns against possible failures

Key Features:

Quick Recovery icon

Quick Recovery

The 'Quick Recovery' option of the software helps in performing a fast recovery of your lost files. With this option, you can scan any selected EAFS or HTFS file system based volume or previously saved image file of a volume to recover all your lost data in significantly less time.
Note: ‘Quick Recovery’ allows selecting only image of a volume (but not of the hard disk) and recovers data from one volume at a time.

 Damaged Data Recovery icon

Damaged Data Recovery

With the 'Deleted File Recovery' option of this UNIX Recovery software, you can recover all your important files, deleted accidentally or intentionally from the hard drive. The software incorporates file signature based search and ensures 100% recovery of the deleted files. Note that if the search fails to find your desired files, you can add corresponding file types to the scan list to get accurate result.

Advance Recovery icon

Advance Recovery

The 'Advance Recovery' option of the software is the most powerful option to recover any of your lost, deleted, or even inaccessible data. This option takes relatively more time than the Quick Recovery method, but ensures better chance of recovery by performing extensive search on the selected volume. Note that the ‘Advance Recovery’ method allows recovery of data only from an image of volume and not that of hard disk.

 Deleted/Lost Volume Recovery icon

Deleted/Lost Volume Recovery

Stellar SCO OpenServer Recovery provides a useful option to search all your lost or deleted volumes and recover data from them. The software is powerful enough to scan the selected hard drive and find all the previously existed HTFS as well as EAFS volumes. You can choose the required volume from the list and recover data from it by using ‘Quick Recovery’, ‘Advanced Recovery’, or ‘Deleted File Recovery’ method.

Allows Scanning Selected File Types icon

Allows Scanning Selected File Types

Instead of searching for all the available file types, with this software you can also scan the media only for the selected file types. Before the scanning process, the software allows selecting file types, adding new file types, editing existing file type, and removing a file type. With the 'Adding File Type' option, you can add a new file type to the list by providing software name, header information, size, and file extension.

Mask Option to Narrow Scan Result  icon

Mask Option to Narrow Scan Result

With the 'Mask' option of this HTFS Data Recovery Software, you can significantly narrow down the over all search result. After completion of the scanning process, the software allows applying masks on the scan tree to generate a new tree of recoverable files, containing only the required file types. The masking options provided by the software include File of type, Size from (KB), and Date.

Additional Advantages

Previews All Recoverable Files  icon

Previews All Recoverable Files

On completion of the scanning operation, the software ensures the recovery capability of files by providing their preview. From the list of recoverable files, you can select any file and see the preview in the upper pane of the interface. Note that file types, which are not supported for preview or have been severely corrupt, are shown in hex viewer by the software.

 Allows Selective Recovery icon

Allows Selective Recovery

The 'Find' option of this SCO Data Recovery Software helps in performing selective recovery by locating specific files. With this option, you can search your needed files from the huge scan list of recoverable files and recover them smoothly. You can find specific files by their Last Access Date, Last Modified Date, Created Date, and Size.

Resume Recovery from Scan Information or Image File icon

Resume Recovery from Scan Information or Image File

‘Resume Recovery’ option of the software gives the ease to stop the data recovery process in the middle, save the already scanned information of the hard drive/volume as an image file, and continue the recovery operation from this image at any later point of time. You can also create and save image files of individual volumes or entire hard drive recover data with the ‘Resume Recovery’ option.

    Saves Recovered Files to Desired Location icon

Saves Recovered Files to Desired Location

This HTFS Data Recovery Software allows you to save the recovered files to any data storage media, recognized by the host operating system. With the software, you can save recovered data onto any local hard disk or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server.

 Enables Compression While Saving Files icon

Enables Compression While Saving Files

Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer Recovery provides an innovative option to save your recovered files in a compressed ZIP folder. With the 'Create compressed file' option, you can apply different compression options and either compress each file individually or compress files to a single ZIP folder. Note that, you can avail this file compression facility, only when you are saving them to the local disk.

 Drive Imaging  icon

Drive Imaging

With the 'Drive Imaging' option of the software, you can create image of your hard drive, any HTFS/EAFS file system based volume or selected region of the disk. The saved image file of the storage media can help you restore lost data, in case of any instance of data loss or inaccessibility.

 Drive Cloning  icon

Drive Cloning

With the cloning feature of this SCO OpenServer Recovery Software, you can create an exact sector-by-sector replica of your hard drive. This cloned copy of your hard drive can help restoring lost data, in cases of drive failure. Moreover, even if your main hard drive fails, having the clone copy, you can carry out important on-going works, without any break.

Drive Status icon

Drive Status

he software provides an useful option, 'Drive Status' with which you can know various information about your hard drive at one place, including model number, serial number, temperature, size, status, and firmware revision number. Along with these, with the SMART feature, you can monitor the health status of your hard drive and take appropriate step way ahead of any instance of impeding failure.

Try SCO OpenServer Data Recovery to recover data from corrupt disks of SCO OpenServer

*Free Download offers evaluation of the software & preview of the recoverable files.

Software Specifications

Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer Data Recovery

System Requirement

ProcessorPentium Class

Operating SystemWin 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7

Memory256 MB

Hard DiskMinimum 30 MB

Software Delivery



License & Version

Technician LicenseCan install the software on different systems



To recover data from drives having corrupted VTOC, follow these steps :

Click the 'Select Physical Disk' button on the 'Icon' toolbar.

A dialog box appears listing the physical disk(s) available.

>Select the physical disk that contains the corrupt or missing logical drive.

Another dialog box pops up. Select 'Search for Logical Drives / Volumes'.

Phoenix would scan the hard disk for all the lost partitions and would present the list of found partitions.

Select the corrupt or missing logical drive from the list.

Phoenix analyses the drive data structures and file system attributes and displays the directory tree.

Select 'Recover All' or select the file(s) and folder(s) which you feel are important and then, select 'Recover Selected'.

(Please make sure that do not recover the data on the same drive from which you are trying to recover the data).

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