• Stellar Compact PST

Stellar Compact PST

Compresses Large MS Outlook Files By Managing Email Attachments

Compresses both incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook data files and prevents them from getting corrupt due to an oversize issue.

  • Compacts both large Outlook PST and OST files
  • Compacts incoming as well as outgoing emails
  • Extracts attachments from emails and saves in a separate folder
  • Extracts and compresses the attachments of emails
  • Extracts and substitutes attachments with a shortcut link to extract attached files
  • Allows scheduling of the Outlook compacting process
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Key Features

Stellar Compact PST software is embedded with several features which are as follows:

Compacts Outlook PST and OST Files  icon

Compacts Outlook PST and OST Files

The tool is aimed at compressing both PST and OST Outlook data file wherein the attached files are extracted and saved in a separate folder. This significantly reduces the size of Outlook data files and hence prevents it from getting corrupt. Further, this software can be used with MS Exchange Server and POP3 Internet mail and can leave links to attachments in the respective emails. Read More

Offers Option to Alter Location of Attachments   icon

Offers Option to Alter Location of Attachments

This PST file compression software offers users the option to alter the location of the folder that contains the attachments of Outlook emails. Once the drive that contains the Attachments folder approaches its storage limit, users can then change the location, whereby, the software will automatically re-establish the link between emails and their attached files.

Compacts Incoming & Outgoing Emails  icon

Compacts Incoming & Outgoing Emails

Stellar Compact PST is a competent software that can easily compress both incoming as well as outgoing emails of Outlook on the go. Here, the software offers users the benefit of applying the required changes in the software through Settings.

Installed as an Outlook Add-in  icon

Installed as an Outlook Add-in

Once the software is installed on the system, it appears as an add-in in the Outlook email client and is placed at the top-left corner of the program. You can run this pst compact software from here once you have it installed as an add-in on Outlook.

Offers Scheduling of Compacting Process  icon

Offers Scheduling of Compacting Process

This PST file compression tool offers users the feature of scheduling the compression process of Outlook data file. With this, users can schedule the PST/OST file compression process at a particular date and time, or to run at a specific time of the day or when they start Outlook.

Compacts Specific Folders icon

Compacts Specific Folders

Stellar Compact PST software is capable of compressing specific folders of Outlook data file. You can do so by selecting the ‘Apply To’ option on the selected folders.

Issues Log Report  icon

Issues Log Report

This compacting PST software issues a log report that consists of the overall details of the process performed. You can save the log at a desired location on the system. With this, you can view and analyze the process at any time in the future.

Compatibility icon


Stellar Compact PST requires the following to compress large Outlook PST or OST data file:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • MS Outlook: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003
  • Supports 64-bit MS Outlook


    Stellar Compact PST is an advanced utility to compress large sized Microsoft Outlook PST files in order to reduce their size. The software separates the attachments and saves them in a separate folder without breaking the interlinking of files and the corresponding attachments.

    After installing EXE of Stellar Compact PST, you will get the desktop interface as well as appears as an Outlook add-in. Desktop edition of demo version processes every fifth item of PST file while Outlook add-in extract attachments of mails only. To access complete functionality of the tool, you need to purchase the Full version.

    You store many confidential, personal and business critical emails, attachment documents, calendar entries etc in your MS Outlook. With usage over a long period of time, the Outlook PST file grows in size and becomes more susceptible to corruption. In order to avoid loosing your precious data to corruption, you must compress the over-sized PST files. Stellar Compact PST software helps you compact large PST files securely, without doing any modification to the original data in them.

    Yes, the software is designed to compact both the Outlook data files: PST and OST.

    Yes, you need to set preferences to compact Incoming, Outgoing, or moved mails.

    Yes, you can do so by selecting the option, 'extract attachments and leave shortcuts in mails' under compacting options. The newly generated PST file will have all the email objects except the attachments, thereby compressing the size of the file quite significantly. The attachments will be stored in a different folder and only the links of the attachments will be there with the mails.

    Yes, you can do this by selecting the 'Apply To' tab and the folders, from which you want to run the software for compaction.

    Yes, you can compress the mails and their attachments by selecting the option, 'Compress attachments in mails' from the 'Compacting Option' section of the interface. In this process, the mails and the attachments are kept in the mail in a compressed form. However, you cannot roll-back the process and the compressed mails will always be in the compressed form.


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