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I have application which uses SQL server at back end. Suddenly it had started showing database in suspected mode. Unfortunately I don't have updated backup. I tried many tools for repairing my database, but nothing worked not even displayed the preview. But, when I tried Stellar Phoenix SQL database repair, it gave me the excellent results. Thanks a lot!

Alemu Byke


Nice SQL database repair software! I repaired a database I thought was doomed.



After using a lot of SQL database repair tools, the only one that I found useful was Stellar Phoenix SQL database repair. It has a very simple GUI and suitable for every SQL server DBA.



We had a SharePoint content database become corrupted, and we weren't able to re-attach the database. Major work had been done in SharePoint that day, so our last full backup was too out of date. This tool recovered the entire content database, and we were able to re-attach it directly into SharePoint. We lost almost nothing! Wish I has found this tool sooner!

Aficio Miramon


This software was helpful for me. I was able to attach my database.



I recovered SQL server database file from HDD which was needed then tried to attach. But I was unable to attach the file to new SQL server. I searched out for solution and got your tool. Database preview was satisfactory then I purchased the full version and repaired my corrupt database.



MS SQL Server Database Recovery Software!!! Fabulous product fabulous technical support to guide one through the software. Never before have I come across such great service. You are efficiency and perfection personified. Do you know that you have devised a wonder product? I am overwhelmed with the results. I have recovered my complete spreadsheet that too totally intact as if it were never lost .Keep up the good work. you are unbeatable



Stellar's MS SQL Server Database Recovery is a product that delivers the best by asking for the least. Can't imagine that a quality product like yours can come in $99 when your competitors are charging a fortune and delivering nuts.

It has not just retrieved my tables and views it has given me my life back. I had spent months on making them. Thanks a ton. I have recommended your product to all my friends and colleagues.



When I saw the error message "Database constraints are not working" flashing on the screen, my heart sank and I knew that my months of hard work will go down the drains. I was shattered .I was desperate and started trying all the database recovery software in the hope that at least one would revive my full database but alas none of them could retrieve the whole stuff......Yours was the last.......I had no hopes left but your product worked wonders and recovered 80% of my lost data .....I will remain eternally grateful to you all my life



I downloaded three software to repair my corrupt SQL database but all seemed useless & did not work. This is only software which worked.



Recovery of deleted records is an amazing feature of this tool.



Database backup was old so we have no any option to restore it. I tried it and successfully recovered my database.



I didn't had the latest backup of SQL database. So i cant recover by restoring. I tried your tool and it recovered the database.



I am glad to get this tool because it helped me get my data back from corrupt database.



The best software for database repair, I just wish the product price was lower


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