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Joshua Johnson


Having astounding features. Like it a lot!!!

Ivy Lamb


Very few companies are providing system startup disk along with the software. Salvage my data when the system fails to boot.

Christopher Jones


Perfect product for data recovery, but needs to impove the speed for scanning.

Leo Clemencia


Software performance was OK.

Matthew Williams


Very impressive!!! Would like to recommend to others.



I have a 1TB drive in 2 partitions that wouldn\'t mount. The computer said the drive was unreadable and needed to be initialized. Disk Utility and Disk Warrior were of no help. They both saw the drive as a single 1TB drive which I couldn\'t access. Then here comes Phoenix. It located the missing volumes and so far, all the data that was on the drive. I\'m in the middle of two important projects and not all the files were backed up yet. I am impressed.

Andrew Brown


Good features come with reasonable price.



Your software saved my butt!!

Nathan Martin


Its like a big things come in small packages. Astounding features with perfect price range. Thanks.

Logan Thompson


Perfect product with good customer service.



I'd suggest your website needs more clarify information. To be honest, I almost dismissed your website to find another website for data recovery.



Good work so far. Consider readjusting costs for some of your products though.

Justin Garcia


The software was really helpful and worked 100%. We are very much satisfied.

Jose Martinez


Luckily, I found this product and easily recovered my lost data. Thanks!!!



I must say thanks to the Stellar for offering us such a magical software to us which has the inbuilt magical powers for recovering the lost data even from the RAW hard drive. I was not very sure to about this product as I had already experienced many software before it, but after using this software, I am totally amazed. Can’t believe it!!! Thanks Stellar.


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