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Richard Hall


Most of the deleted emails were also recovered. I faced some technical issues but Stellar's technical support helped me to resolve them.



I am pleased to report that the data was in fact successfully recovered. I purchased the software as a last ditch attempt to recover data from a .pst file for a very distraught client, and wasn't holding much hope, when to my joy all the data came through!

James Morford


I was not able to access neither mails nor contacts of my clients. Then I did some research on this issue and noticed that guys are using Stellar Outlook PST repair to regain access to their lost mails. without giving a second thought, I bought this and recovered my emails and contacts.



nice product but its paid i am looking for free software, can you suggest any free

Carlos Alves Oliveira


Glad to found the software timely. CNET again helped me to select a software. This repair tool perfectly worked for years old corrupt pst file

Stephen R. Thompson


Oh, this is why I found lot of positive reviews on Google! The software does the job as accurately as the company claims. Tried lot of repair software over the years but this was something which was above the mark.

Blake Baldwinson


Designed to recover completely gone data. I spent enough amount on creepy software earlier however had no luck. But Stellar delivered the best to recovered my pst file data. No doubt it is best value of money!

Helena Leppälä


Stellar is an answer to crappy software vendors! This tool is easy to use, and has user friendly GUI!

Sofia Byrne


If you want to get rid of PST corruption issue, then guys you should try this solution. Fantastic software!!

Brad Wong


Spending $99 is nothing in front of repairing my priceless PST successfully. A must-have utility for Outlook users

Lincoln Vassilieff


File preview and selective items are two great features I really like in this software, and the key reason too why I had this software. It is really helpful to look into the PST data

Isauro Onio


PST scanning job was too quick! The software allowed me to preview all the inbox items without purchasing it.

Bruno Correia Cardoso


I was able to open the repaired PST in Outlook which gave me access to my personal emails from a previous employer

Elaine H. Dicarlo


It took some time for over sized corrupt pst file but it worked and recovered over 90% data

William Anderson


This software covers all areas where Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) does not work. However, it is a paid solution but superior than ScanPST.exe on different quality metrics


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