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Michael Bird


This was my first clone utility that I used to backup my Mac and it left a lasting impression on me. This is 2016 I have been using its V3.0. Keep on the good works guys.

Lyle Schroeder


I admit, it is one of the best available solutions for Mac hard drive backups.

Tommie Clemmer


Multiple user licenses were the only reason I prefer Stellar Drive Clone software to the other Mac cloning apps.

Molly Lane


I got this good streamlined Mac OS X utility to create a bootable clone of iMac 2011 with 500GB disk. Although, the process was time consuming but created the bootable clone along with the Recovery HD partition without any issue. Moreover, this software can also be used to create an image of entire Mac.

Christopher Blanco


Forget Time Machine data backup solution, Drive clone software works much better

Jonathan Mulkey


Version 3.0 supports cloning of encrypted volumes which makes it a perfect match for my profession.

Ronald Slagle


Effortless cloning of Mac data system to migrate to new piece of hardware.



I came across this software very late but when I did, I found that it swiftly clones the Macintosh HD, Recovery HD and BootCamp partition to an external hard drive. I always had issues cloning all of them together earlier.

Roger James


Stellar Drive Clone is the Backup Master.



Better than the previous version of DriveClone

Santiago Henninger


I am a long time user of the Stellar Drive Clone software and with every version, this tool is getting better and better.

John Tinsley


Cloned my BootCamp partition before I decided to remove Windows 7 from my Mac hard drive.

Toby Viveros


My hard drive was about to fail and I wanted to backlit up ASAP. Tried Super Duper utility and it stopped midway. I always had a great experience with this app but it just couldn’t complete the backup that day. I registered the Drive Clone app and tried cloning the failing disk. Though it took great time but Stellar Drive Clone was able to clone it without crashing or quitting. I was surprised by its performance. Thankful to Stellar Drive Clone.

Robert Johnson


Stellar Drive Clone is a piece of gem.

Donald Hill


I have hands on experience of using Stellar Drive Clone on a PowerPC Mac and Intel Macs. The tool is of great help if you are serious about data backup. UI however, is a drawback.


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