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Michael Larson


Abrupt pricing policy of a clone utility lead me to find Stellar Drive Clone as a perfect tool to clone my Mac

Kevin Barrett


I trust only in Time Machine application and Stellar Drive Clone utility for my iMac.

Kurt Miller


Love this software too much. Saved my bacon when my MacBook pro failed. Restored data smoothly. Simple and easy to use user-interface

Mac Liu


Good for beginners.

Kristopher Rodriguez


The best Mac data backup software for Mac I've tried so far

Victor Smith


Faster, reliable and secure data backup software

Joseph Nichols


Provide additional features like recovery HD partition to Mac user in addition to hard drive cloning

Daniel Hall


No data loss worries for me since I have scheduled cloning of my MacBook Air with this app.

Carlos Convery


Pretty easy to install, i.e. schedule; flawless working, without problems; shows a nice popup after running the data backup that lets users know it completed the backup.

Everett Sweet


Successfully cloned my Mac hard drive after HDD failure due to increasing no of bad blocks

Robert Boese


I wanted to take my system backup my MacBook Pro to keep my memorable vacation picture forever with me. But, I was not able to make it done successfully via Disk Utility. This software made my wish fulfil and also created a Mac drive clone by its own.

Ian East


Provide cloning of Mac hard drive to take the bootable data backup

James Hays


Stellar Drive Clone software outperforms many of its competitors' products out there. It cloned and resizes simultaneously and at a lightning speed at that. It saves my time which in turn leads to more work productivity

Dustin Williams


Best software for cloning network hard drive

Anthony Johnson


Much better than Carbon copy cloner and other competitors


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