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Russell Dejesus


This program is better than the other iPhone data recovery software. Firstly it works on encrypted iTunes backup files and most importantly I paid $30 less than another application.



My 11-year-old niece innocently removed some of my pictures, which I took in a relatives wedding. I couldn’t have said something to her since it was completely unintentional. My husband took charge and found this utility that successfully recovered all of the deleted pictures.



I unequivocally recommend this software to anyone as it gives an unexpected output for the iPhone users…

Larry Aldana


My success story with your software: I backed up my iPhone to iCloud and wiped it. After selling my iPhone I mistakenly deleted some of its important backup data from iCloud account too. I couldn’t curse myself for being so careless. I was about to avail a costly data recovery service until I recognize that your application can bring back my hope. Luckily, it did brought back my files which I lost after iCloud deletion.

Estella Wilson


This software is quite simple to use and is highly efficient to recover the lost data from any version of iPhone…

Richard Brown


Unfortunately, not found the free version of this software on the website.



I scratched my head if I should use your product for recovering my deleted images. However after I used it, I patted my back since Stellar iPhone Data Recovery is amazing at recovering iPhone data.



I have used the Windows version of your app and I just loved it.

James Johnson


I went to store and they asked me to pay $250 for recovering my album having over 100 pictures that were lost from my iPhone. I am happy I didn’t got into their nexus and saved $200 after using stellar phoenix iPhone data recovery.



First time I started using iPhone, I found it 360 degree opposite to an Android mobile. In my course of learning I mistakenly deleted all of my contacts. Call it my stupidity I didn’t even had the iCloud backup of my iPhone. Fortunately I got this software reference from a person who had earlier used a data recovery product from Stellar. I immediately registered it and it did its job.



I want a refund. Software will not work as desired.



IMO, Stellar Recovery for iPhone is the quickest data recovery utility in its segment. Tried on 16 and 32 GB iPhones and it took considerably lesser time than others to recover files.

Amy Encarnacion


Very helpful and intuitive application

Michael Davis


I was very disappointed when I lost my data from my iPhone… I went to the service centre, and they replied that I have to restore it and while doing it, I can lose my data as well… I love my phone a lot… So, I searched for the software which can easily recover my lost data from my iPhone… Finally, I found this and able to recover my lost data in few minutes…

Scott M. Meeker


I was amused to see how Stellar Data recovery for iPhone just went on to recover all my pictures unstoppably. This application is absolutely worth $49. I have used it and it recovered tons of deleted images.


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