Best Mac Tools to Clean up, Optimize, Monitor & Repair Mac Drive

Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition

Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition is the power-packed edition with best utilities to deliver high-end performance on Mac OS X disk drive.

  • Speed up Mac drive by removing junk & useless files
  • Runs 4 Defragmentation algorithm to optimize Mac
  • Removes unwanted large & duplicate files
  • Repair corrupt Mac disk and cryptic errors
  • Enables wiping of sensitive files from Mac system
  • Backs up Mac drive data in case of failure

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Key Features:

 Slow Mac? Must Speed up Now. icon

Slow Mac? Must Speed up Now.

If your Mac is slow or you want to clean up junks from Mac, then Speedup Mac is the way to go. It scans your Macintosh HD and other partitions to clean junks such as – Caches & Log files, Language files, Universal Binaries, System Junks, Trashes and Leftovers. With the help of this software, you can maintain app(s) in the Login-Item tray and experience a quick Mac startup.

Defrag Intel Mac Hard Drive icon

Defrag Intel Mac Hard Drive

The Defrag Drive feature of this Edition allows users to defragment any Intel Mac’s hard disk drive. You can swiftly remove disk or file(s) fragmentation from Mac startup disk, partitions and even HFS & FAT formatted external hard drives. After defragging a Mac, user will experience significant change in booting speed of the Macintosh HD. Also, your Mac hard drive will be much responsive & lighter than before.

Remove any App, Widget with Uninstaller Tool icon

Remove any App, Widget with Uninstaller Tool

If you have got a troublesome application(s) that aren’t uninstalling from Mac OS X, then don’t worry. We can tell you how to remove such apps. Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition has a powerful built-in Uninstaller tool that quickly scans any installed Application, Widgets, Plugins and prepares them for uninstallation. User can also remove any headstrong application(s) by simple drag & drop feature of this software.

Repair Mac disk error with Volume Optimizer icon

Repair Mac disk error with Volume Optimizer

It won’t be incorrect to mention Volume Optimizer with alias name – ‘Savior’, since this is the tool that repairs bad or corrupt permission on your Mac startup drive (Macintosh HD). More importantly, if your hard drive is suffering from directory structure corruption and Disk Utility flashes “Invalid B tree node error”, then you can use Volume Optimizer to immediately repair & rebuild your Mac hard drive. With an immensely useful feature of Volume Journaling>>Volume Optimizer, user can avoid getting their Mac hard drive in conflicting state. Moreover, it also repair Mac formatted external hard drives and Solid State Drives.

Additional Advantages

Find & Remove Duplicates from Mac icon

Find & Remove Duplicates from Mac

Smart Finder feature of Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum software empower users to know whereabouts of all duplicate files that resides on Mac OS X hard drive. You can also figure out the amount of large unused files that are unnecessarily occupying Macs valuable disk spaces. Once Smart Finder list all unwanted large files and duplicate files, user can get them removed with ease. After Speedup Mac Software, Smart Finder the next big thing that manages your hard drives disk spaces.

Monitor Mac Hard Drives Health icon

Monitor Mac Hard Drives Health

If you care for your Macintosh HD, then let, Drive Monitor utility take care of your Mac OS X. This utility empowers Mac user to monitor S.M.A.R.T. status, hard drive temperature and Drive Performance of the Mac disk drives. A useful feature called ‘Surface Scan’ let users find out bad sectors on the Mac hard disk drives. In case your disk is failing, use ‘Backup’ feature of Drive Monitor to take complete backup of the Mac hard drive.

How to Wipe a Mac with this Edition? icon

How to Wipe a Mac with this Edition?

Wipe is built-in tool of Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition software that can secure erase Mac’s internal hard drive along with external drives, USB, SD Cards etc. This Mac wipe utility uses advance wiping algorithms (3, 7 and 35 Passes) to securely wipe Data, Files, Drives, Unused Spaces, System History etc. Data once wiped with this wiping software can never be restored even with the most prolific Mac data recovery software. With Wipe utility of this Edition, you can keep all your sensitive files, pictures and media files, away from outside world.

Enable Smart Care for Mac icon

Enable Smart Care for Mac

With the help of Smart Care feature, user can schedule following activities on their Mac OS X hard disk drives – Speeding up Mac, Wiping free spaces & junks from Macintosh HD, Repairing Startup Drive permissions and Monitor Mac Hard Drives health. This one button enables you to perform multiple prolific activities on Mac hard drive at a convenient time.

Compare Mac performance with Benchmark icon

Compare Mac performance with Benchmark

Ever wanted to know your Mac performance with that of other Mac OS X? With the help of ‘Benchmark’ utility, you can now easily compare your Mac hard drives performance with that of other robust Mac machines. User can view the performance of their Macs w.r.t Intel Mac Pro, Intel Mac Mini and Intel iMacs in the terms of Bar and Line Graph.

User Interface – First Impression icon

User Interface – First Impression

Software look and feel is kept simple & friendlier so that Speed up Mac Platinum Edition goes handy with all kinds of Mac experts & beginners. All 9 features of this Mac optimization utility are well documented and UI resembles much that of any built-in OS X utility.

Find out Stellar Speedup Mac Compatibility icon

Find out Stellar Speedup Mac Compatibility

The software is compatible with:

OS X: Mac 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6


HDD: 100MB of Free Spaces

Try Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition to perform optimization activities

*Free Download allows evaluation of all the features of the software.

Software Specifications

Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition

System Requirement


Operating SystemOS X 10.11, 10.10,10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6

Memory1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk100 MB of Free Space

Software Delivery


License & Version

Single User LicenseCan use only on a single system

Technician LicenseCan use the software on multiple systems at single location


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish


Speedup Mac Platinum Edition will solve multiple Mac hard drive issues. Below are some list of those issue which this optimize software can address:

  • It repair Mac disk when Disk Utility gives up.
  • Defrags severely fragmented Macintosh HD.
  • Monitor bad sectors on hard drive and takes Mac backup before drive fails
  • Cleans & Speed up Mac OS X startup drive
  • Eliminates redundant data from Mac OS X hard drive
  • Wipes your private pictures, videos and other sensitive data
  • Measures your Mac’s performance with that of others

Yes, with the help of this Platinum Edition software, you can check the amount of fragmentation present on your Mac hard drive. You can Optimize & Defrag Mac with the help of options – Quick Defrag and Full Defrag. Defragging arranges the data on hard drive in contiguous memory locations. Thus, it helps OS X access the hard drive in much lesser time.

Your hard drive is on the verge of failure if you have received the message - “Disk Utility can't repair this disk backup as many of your files as possible”. At this moment, Disk Utility can’t repair the troubled Mac disk and you need the help of a profession disk repair tool for Mac. Volume Optimizer is the tool that can repair and rebuild the corrupt directory structure of the said Mac disk.

Using Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition you can effortlessly optimize MacBook Pro hard drive. Here is what you can do with this application:

  1. Using Volume Optimizer, repair the corrupt disk permissions on your startup drive of MacBook Pro. This is mere a basic repair but if your hard drive have corrupt directory structure then you can rebuild using Volume Optimizer utility.

  2. Using Drive Monitor, launch surface scan on the MacBook Pro hard drive. This activity will determine bad sectors or bad blocks on your MacBook Pro HDD. Further, monitor hard drive temperature and SMART status with Drive Monitor utility.

  3. Using Smart Finder, remove all the duplicate files and unused large files from MacBook Pro hard drive

  4. Using Speedup Mac, remove all old & unused caches, logs, trashes, language files and duplicate iTunes, iPhoto, iWork files.

  5. Using Uninstaller, get rid of old and unused applications from Mac.

  6. The Activity no. (3), (4) and (5) will help you create more amount of free spaces on MacBook Pro hard drive.

  7. Using Drive Defrag, you can check if your MacBook Pro hard drive have fragmentations. Using this utility you can effortlessly remove fragments and arrange data in contiguous memory locations.

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