The home screen of the software provides two options to initiate the process. Click 'Browse' if you know the file location, or click 'Find' if you're not sure where your OST file is located.

The software allows you to search the OST file stored anywhere in your system. Select the drive from 'Look in' where your OST file might be stored and click 'Find'. All the existing OST file will be shown in the results.

Once you've selected the OST file for conversion, click 'Convert' to initiate the process.

Progress bar shows the current status of file scanning process. The time to scan the OST file depends on the size of the file.

In the Outlook mailbox preview window, all the existing Outlook mailbox folders (items) will be shown in left side folder hierarchy. You can browse and check every folder and contained items by selecting the particular folder.

Select the folder(s) which you want to convert and click the 'Save Converted File' button from the 'File' menu. Select the 'PST' from multiple saving options and choose the desired location where you want to save the converted file. Click 'OK' to convert.

The progress bar shows the status of saving PST file.

PST file has been saved at your desired location.